BE: Creative Award POOL 2

The Brand Experience Awards Creative Award LIVE Pool 2

This is online Pool 2 of the 2012 Brand Experience LIVE award, an award which culminates in a LIVE final in front of 4 judges at the IOEX exhibition 8th March.

How this competition works

Just 4 finalists will emerge to be chosen from 5 ‘pools’ There are 35 campaign entrants, 7 in each pool. 5 semi-finalists will be chosen by a judge’s score in combination with our visitor poll whilst a 6th semi-finalist will be the highest judge’s score not to win a pool. A panel of 25 independent expert judges are engaged for aiding the online process. Registered site visitors can also vote for their favourite campaigns using a Poll on this site (if you are not logged in it won’t appear). The six semi-finalists will then be given further consideration by the judges before the 4 finalists are announced on this site on 28th February.

Pool contenders have been selected randomly. Online voting will be open for the same amount of time for each pool. Pool 2 is open Wednesday 1st February 12 noon (GMT) – Friday 3rd February 19.00 (GMT). For each entry there is a video or slideshow presentation and text that outlines 3 steps: The Brand Challenge, The Big Creative Idea and Why it Worked.

Pool 2 – Contenders

RPM with Talisker Video

TRO with Nissan video

Jack Morton with Wella video

Sports Vision with Relentless Energy Drink video

Carat Sponsorship with adidas video

Willow Park with Webroot video

Whynot! with Malaysian Kitchen video

RPM with Talisker

The Brand Challenge: Talisker identified the sailing community as a key target due to their perfect fit with the brand message –they enjoy the exhilaration of being by the sea, are discerning and have a taste for genuine experiences. Talisker wanted:

  • to utilise the sailing community to drive awareness of the brand and help make Talisker the target market’s first choice whisky
  • to find an exciting way for consumers to engage with the brand idea and key brand benefits
  • an idea with PR legs that would make Talisker famous in the sailing community
  • To collect 10,000 consumer emails for ongoing dialogue
  • To drive consumers to Talisker’s Facebook page and Stories of the Sea competition To sample 16,000 consumers

The Creative Big Idea: RPM developed and activated the world’s first ever Sail-In Cinema at Cowes Week (6th–13th August 2011) sponsored by Talisker. Sailors could moor up and enjoy ‘Master and Commander’ from the waters off Cowes Esplanade. The film was chosen through public vote on the Talisker and Cowes Week Facebook pages. Audio was transmitted through Cowes Radio and marshals distributed pre-tuned radio earpieces free to charge.

Competition winners and journalists could enjoy the film from the Talisker boat. The VIP experience included Talisker Gold welcome drink, canapes, popcorn, warm Talisker Hot Toddies and goody bags. Talisker Whisky Ambassador held tasting and mentoring sessions with volunteers on the branded Talisker stage The Talisker tent gave away 10cl samples, water, branded merchandise and competition entry forms for the chance to win a year’s supply of Talisker.

The event was promoted through press (Telegraph) and radio advertising, online listings and POS

Why It Worked: The activity captured the imagination of the sailing community and Cowes Week visitors and provided a tangible and unique way to engage with the Talisker brand and believe the key brand benefits. The world-first concept was picked up as a news story by some of the UK’s biggest titles including Daily Mirror, Sun and Daily Mail. Full picture stories were included in BBC News Online, Metro, Metro Online and Daily Mail online. 168 pieces of covered were leveraged with total target impressions of 171 million. TweetReachfor ‘Talisker Cinema’ and ‘sail-in cinema’ totalled 157,419 impressions. 130,000 people attended Cowes Week and would have engaged directly with the Talisker brand through numerous touchpoints. 12,000 consumer details were datacaptured and sampling targets were met. The modest outlay of £200K to activate the campaign generated enormous amplification with opportunities to engage with the Talisker brand running to the multi-millions.

TRO with Nissan

The Brand Challenge: For the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed – the world’s greatest celebration of car culture – Nissan wanted to promote its full range of cars via a series of engaging and fun brand activations. With over 20 car manufacturers and hundreds of vehicles all vying for attention at this high-profile event, Nissan was determined that its presence would dominate the physical space. The design concept needed to embrace the full car range, from the 100% electric Nissan LEAF to the 200% adrenaline GTR. The overriding objective was to position Nissan as a pioneering brand for innovation.

The Creative Big Idea: TRO’s vast black-canopied stand replicated Nissan’s Design and Research Facility.  Its focal point was a 10m long illuminated wind tunnel, showcasing Nissan’s future concept of electric sports cars. Interior features: • A cinema studio, showing 3D video material • The Design Your Own Car area – using a digital touchscreen application, visitors created their own caricature, shown driving a Nissan car. This was entered into a Facebook competition for the chance to win an iPad2. • The GT Academy area – guests used PlayStation to simulate testing conditions. The latest Nissan innovations were brought to life via theatrical performances throughout the Festival weekend.

Why it Worked: All experiences proved popular, especially the Design Your Own Car and the GT Academy zone which offered the most interactive and personal experiences. The live performances were a huge crowd-pleaser and a giant clock providing the countdown to each performance helped galvanise excitement, anticipation and attract high numbers to watch the performance. The breadth of elements on offer ensured that the stand provided something for everyone. The stand was one of the biggest and busiest at the entire Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Footfall: 181,000

Exposure at the event: 72,400

Container visitors = 3,053

Jack Morton with Wella

The Brand Challenge: To produce Wella’s International Trend Vision Awards (ITVA) and the P&G Salon Professional presence at the Hairworld tradeshow.

ITVA objectives:

  • Be the highest demonstration of inspiration, professionalism and colour expertise
  • Reinforce Wella’s image as a professional and inspirational partner for their customers
  • Be the platform to drive Wella Professional’s credibility through trends expertise endorsed by the very best hair experts
  • Retain and grow key customer accounts through engaging and emotionally relevant experiences Sustain the passion for Wella amongst employees
  • Create awareness and drive coverage in both broad hairdresser and consumer worlds

Hairworld objectives:

  • Demonstrate Salon Professional’s leadership in the industry
  • Launch Salon Professional identity and purpose – bringing together the five iconic brands into one house of brands
  • Generate awareness/hype within the industry and pride amongst our customers
  • Showcase the house of brands’ professionalism, expertise and innovation

The Creative Big Idea: Although Hairworld and ITVA were held in Paris the same weekend in November 2010, they each needed a separate strategy.


  • Create a fashion show that rivalled the best Paris Haute Couture has to offer Showcase 2011 trends from the very best global hair styling talent
  • Demonstrate Wella’s commitment to the hair industry through young talent and colour competition catwalk shows
  • Build fan base through Facebook campaign and live web stream


  • Draw customers to the P&G stand through catwalk shows and demonstrations
  • Create a unified brand identity in which the portfolio brands could be expressed individually
  • Have a high population of Salon Professional ‘experts’ to guide customers through the benefits of the portfolio
  • Employ a data capture system to identify prospects and track their journey through the stand

Why it Worked:

ITVA: Attendees gave the event 4.5/ 5 for inspiration; 90% of guests felt an improved sense of belonging to Wella Professionals; 96% of guests were proud to be part of Salon Professionals; 94% of guests now feel that Wella Professionals is a real hair colour expert ‘The excellent feedback from all participants is still echoing and you should all feel proud of the fantastic event delivered.’ Eliana Soares, Project Lead ITVA 2010

Hairworld:  Data scanned from 5,611 audience members; Records captured from 3,761 guests ‘Jack Morton is turning out to be a true partner for us …no other company comes close in terms of inspiration, creativity and flawless execution. ’ Robert Jongstra, President, Global Salon Professional – Beauty & Grooming, P&G.

Sports Vision with Relentless Energy Drink

The Brand Challenge: Sports Vision were set the task to deliver a ‘360 consumer experience’ to activate the Relentless Energy Drink title sponsorship of London’s snow and music festival ‘Freeze’. The Brand strategy, delivered by Sports Vision, provides a touchpoint strikethrough from core, aspirational communities of action sports & music, right through to mass markets. Sports Vision needed to demonstrate a credible positioning within the Brand’s core communities and deliver sales, sampling targets and brand attribution in an engaging way.

The Creative Big Idea: Sports Vision created Relentless Energy Drink ‘zones’ across the site right from the entrance to take the consumer on a journey across the festival. The Relentless Athlete Lounge included a physio zone, viewing platform, tuning station and live feeds from the jump. 22,790 samples were delivered from a central hub where punters could enjoy prime views of the slope action. Sponsored athletes held Q&A sessions with fans from a ‘Hall of Fame’ whilst hundreds of photos were taken from the photobooth and uploaded to the Brand’s Facebook. The Energy Sessions stage was sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink with acts from the two main interest areas of the brand; rock and the world of Dub Step & Electronica. The hospitality lounge was decked out to reflect the Brand’s Georgian Gothic theme.

Why it Worked: The event was held on 28th & 29th October 2011 to a crowd of 29,400 music and snow enthusiasts. Pre-Promotion for the event included an 8 week Channel 4 & E4 TV trail campaign, 5 week radio campaign on Kiss 100 and London Underground campaign reaching over 3 million. The campaigns spanned action sports publications and online media resulting in 50,000 views of the highlights edit.

Carat Sponsorship with adidas:

The Brand Challenge: Back in March 2010 adidas launched their new brand ad on TV, the first TV presence since House Party in early 2009. The new advertisement focused on a street party that embodied the touchpoints for adidas- music, skateboarding, Free-wheeling and dance. We needed to bring to life the stature of the new ad whilst also engaging their target audience with the new brand positioning of adidas Originals and Celebrate Originality.

The Creative Big Idea: Consumers were invited to upload a video that celebrated their originality with the opportunity to have their video shown on T4 and win a bespoke and original music gig in their neighborhood on 1st July 2010. Launched with a bespoke ad break takeover on E4 with content produced by Carat Sponsorship and a promotion on T4 and 4 music. Carat Sponsorship engaged the winner Ted Thorpe from Plymouth and set about planning his gig and all the production elements required. The event by Ted’s invitation only, included massive main stage artists Example (top 10 chart artist) and Daisy Dares You (Isle of Wight 2010 headliner) along with 3 topname DJs Mistajam (BBC One Extra), DJ Swerve (Kiss FM) and James Theaker (NME Radio).

Why it Worked: Delivered a unique brand owned event, whilst creating an adidas advocate out of the winner and all invitees. Overall the winner and event attendees felt part of something truly bespoke and special, a live music experience that was made especially for them with fantastic music, fluid event management and special touches to make the night memorable. 527,000 followers on Facebook. 300 attendees enjoyed the party on a guest list-only basis, with 50% of the audience were wearing adidas. 3 pieces of local PR.

Winners video

Artists video

Willow Park with Webroot

The Brand Challenge: Webroot provides Anti-Malware software; a challenging, technical category in which to communicate. The brand was in a weak position, with very limited market share in the UK. It was not yet fully listed in the Dixon Store Group (Currys/PCWorld/Dixons Travel) and had low brand awareness with staff and consumers. The DSG staff knew the competitors (Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro) very well, having sold them (and been supported by them) for many years. The Event was the PLC Live Roadshow, for DSG retail staff, held over 5 locations around the UK. Our challenge was to develop Webroot’s brand equity in an “easy to understand” way, ensure staff understood the features and benefits offered by the product, and encourage them to sell it over its competition.

The Creative Big Idea: DSG staff were to be taken on a journey through four key features of Webroot, using experiential and performance-based training to embed the required messaging. The stand was split into four highly visual sections, including an in-store experience. Four characters were developed and deployed. Each character embodied a feature of Webroot and each stand section was dressed to match that character. Interactive, fun games were designed to ensure that the information that had been gained in each of the four sections was fully embedded. To finish, delegates undertook a competitive quiz to confirm knowledge had been transferred, understood and retained.

The characters included: WebGirl: the embodiment of everything that was Webroot, a superhero saving PC’s from harm. Phileas Fogg: Delivered the key message on Webroot’s Anti-Malware System called Phileas, which continually searches for threats across the Worldwide Web. The Joker: Delivered the sinister messages of how nasty people (hackers) can be when protection is not implemented on PC’s. The Maid: Our maid was the visual representation to show how Webroot will clean your PC from cyber grime!

Why it Worked The stand, and the experience-driven training that was inter-woven within it, successfully embedded the Webroot brand, and its features and benefits, in the minds of the attendees. Strongly increased Webroot distribution, listings and sales in DSG stores followed closely after this activity. Client: “Willow Park exceeded our expectations on this project.”

Whynot! with Malaysian Kitchen

The Brand Challenge:

  • To create a traditional ‘Pasar Malam’ or night market in London.
  • Showcase Malaysian culture and cuisine in one of the most iconic and busiest spaces in London, Trafalgar Square.
  • The night has to host 20 stalls selling Malaysian dishes to thousands of customers.
  • Create a buzz about Malaysia Night to guarantee heavy footfall. Secure widespread coverage for Malaysia Night in a broad range of international, national, London, web and local media and to use Malaysia Night as leverage for further coverage for Malaysia Kitchen, thus heightening the campaigns profile.
  • To engage with consumers and encourage their trial of Malaysian cuisine. To drive footfall to the Malaysian restaurants in London through their presence at Malaysia Night.

The Creative Big Idea:

  • For the first time in its history Trafalgar Square hosted a commercial night time event.
  • A media campaign had to be activated in support including Time Out, Evening Standard, Metro and online including Facebook and Twitter to create buzz as well as significant branding in Trafalgar Square.
  • Breakfast was sent to radio stations to secure shout outs. All key press and bloggers were invited to the event .
  • We liaised with New Straits Times, TV3 and Radio Television Malaysia to ensure their presence and coverage
  • Competitions were run to enter the cookery mater class at the event.
  • A 90 second film was created.

Why it Worked: The comms message was successful and resulted in the following:

  • Total footfall for the event was measured at 20,000, this works out to be just under 3,000 people an hour.
  • 20 Malaysian restaurants attended, 3 Malaysian product companies, Batik stalls, MATRADE and Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines and Perwakilan London also had a presence.
  • Malaysia Night became a highlight and focal point for the overall campaign both for the participating restaurants and target consumers.
  • The event additionally achieved an increased enthusiasm and motivation amongst restaurants as well as boosting their revenue.
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