BE: Creative Award POOL 4

The Brand Experience Awards Creative Award LIVE Pool 4

This is online Pool 4 of the 2012 Brand Experience LIVE award, an award which culminates in a LIVE final in front of 4 judges at the IOEX exhibition 8th March.

How this competition works

Just 4 finalists will emerge to be chosen from 5 ‘pools’ There are 35 campaign entrants, 6-7 in each pool. 5 semi-finalists will be chosen by a judge’s score in combination with our visitor poll whilst a 6th semi-finalist will be the highest judge’s score not to win a pool. A panel of 25 independent expert judges are engaged for aiding the online process. Registered site visitors can also vote for their favourite campaigns using a Poll on this site (if you are not logged in it won’t appear). The six semi-finalists will then be given further consideration by the judges before the 4 finalists are announced on this site on 28th February.

Pool contenders have been selected randomly. Online voting will be open for the same amount of time for each pool. Pool 4 is open Wednesday 15th February 12 noon (GMT) – Friday 17th February 19.00 (GMT). For each entry there is a video or slideshow presentation and text that outlines 3 steps: The Brand Challenge, The Big Creative Idea and Why it Worked.

Pool 4 – Contenders

PrettyGreen with Cadbury video

Woof with Häagen-Dazs video

Rouge Events and Cow PR with Boomerang

Sledge with innocent drinks video

ITCH with Virgin Media video

TRO with Vauxhall Astra video

CPM (Activation in Retail) with Babylicious video

PrettyGreen with Cadbury

The Brand Challenge: As part of Cadbury’s Spots v Stripes campaign, which was created to drive awareness of their London 2012 Official Treat Provider status, the challenge came to take the concept of a classic game of catch (initially from Fallon) and create a news spike that:

  • Increases traffic to
  • Inspires consumers to ignite their own spirit of play and participate in the campaign

The Creative Big Idea: Host a nationwide, live, week-long game of Catch, launched with a spectacular stunt. The game involved 100 purple balls, tracked using in-built GPS systems in real-time at, to be passed and caught around the UK.  Number of catches and ball-miles travelled were measured live over 7 days. With limited media spend, success depended on a big launch to drive participation – an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for highest catch ever made.

Two global sports stars, Gavin Henson, representing Spots, and David Seaman, a Stripe, competed against each other Balls travelling at terminal velocity were dropped from subsequently higher altitudes from a crane suspended outside Wembley National Stadium, with the world record broken at 102.5m by both Henson & Seaman. Broadcast media, national print, influential bloggers and Spots v Stripes Facebook fans were invited to the event to record footage, post updates and interview our sportsmen. The nationwide game then commenced.

Why it Worked:

  • Catch website received 266,893 site visits in 7 days the highest number since launch.
  • 80 editorial hits with OTS of 235,586,363
  • 5 branded broadcast pieces – Sky Sports x 2, Soccer AM, ESPN and Talksport Radio
  • 5 national print hits: The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Zoo, Shortlist, New Media Age
  • 13 regional print articles
  • Youtube views of stunt 373,400 (to date)
  • Winning Catch ball registered 925 catches 17,661 ball miles travelled (including trips to Brazil and China)
  • Articles featuring the ‘importance of play’ mentioning the inclusive, nationwide nature of Spots v Stripes boosted by 32%
  • Live game devised, produced and managed by PrettyGreen was an industry first for any brand awareness campaign or social gaming experiment

Woof with Häagen-Dazs

Agencies: A multi-agency effort:

Saatchi & Saatchi Creative

Woof London Event Management

Beige London PR and Celebrity Management

Hot House Production

Work-Club Digital

MPH Film Video

The Brand Challenge: The Issue: In the UK, Häagen-Dazs had lost some of it’s iconic standing and become wallpaper in a very competitive market. The brand needed an injection of personality to match its taste. The Mini-cup product provided an opportunity to behave differently, as it’s consumption is more of a social occasion than an indulgent solo experience. Insight Time spent with girlfriends is crucially important for modern women. Girl talk provides an opportunity to open up, laugh, weep and vent. It’s the time girls can truly be themselves. The Challenge Convince women (20-30) that the real talk comes when you have a Häagen-Dazs Minicup in your hands.

The Creative Big Idea: The campaign idea was ‘It’s Girls Time’. This was brought to life by the creation of the ultimate ‘Girls Time’: a super glamorous West End pop up where groups of girls could be entertained and pampered in style.

The Boudoir. The Boudoir contained everything girls would need for a perfect night in; a designer wardrobe, make up, DVD’s, private bar and as many Mini-cups as they could eat. Girls applied online to book intimate 2-hour sessions and a competition was held to win a 4-hour VIP treat on the Saturday nights. Inspirational entertainment was provided each day including: a fashion stylist, shoe party, beauty treatments and DJ lessons. Cat Deely, Mathew Williamson and Grace Woodward all hosted a VIP evening and Olivia Lee performed two comedy sets on the last Sunday, which was open to the public.

Why it Worked: The Boudoir was a genuine treat for its guests, capturing the very essence of what ‘girls time’ and Häagen-Dazs Mini-cups are all about. Where many live campaigns offer only a few minutes engagement, the Boudoir offered a fully immersive experience. A full comments book signed by guests is testament to the enjoyment had by all.


  • Number of sessions: 38 + 3 VIP (+open day), Max 8 guests per session.
  • Number of Facebook applications: 1043
  • Number of Boudoir guests: 383
  • PR Reach: 55,043,325
  • PR Coverage hits: 146
  • PR Value: £2.85million
  • Facebook fans: Increased by 30,000+ Facebook engagement: Increased by 449% Page impressions: Increased by 1,445% Positive comments: Increased by 371%


Boudoir Teaser:

Boudoir Sneak Peak:

Cat Deely:

Mathew Williamson:

Grace Woodward:

Styling session:

Powderpuff girls:

Rouge Events and Cow PR with Boomerang

The Brand Challenge: Consumer research highlighted two key strategic insights:

  • What children enjoy most about Boomerang are the animal cartoon characters
  • What their young viewers care the most about are their pets

Wanting to take an existing event asset in Regent’s Park to the next level, Boomerang appointed Rouge to design a new concept, explore additional strategic elements and produce an event that encompasses these insights and engages their target audience. The challenge was to:

  • Create positive emotional connections between visitors and the Boomerang brand
  • Maintain focus on the Boomerang brand and ensure that all attendees associated the content of the event and their favourite cartoon characters with Boomerang
  • Engage and entertain Boomerang viewers and families with pets, with a live experiential event
  • To increase footfall to the event

The Creative Big Idea: The event was conceived as a fully immersive live brand experience, geared to deliver an emotional connection between the visitors and Boomerang’s brand. This was achieved by taking key animal-related content from Boomerang’s programmes and creating compelling event activities for families – and their pets. It featured interactive brand areas such as ‘Pink Panther’s Pet Parlour and ‘Garfield’s Kitchen’; guest appearances from pet heroes and a petting zoo for anyone who didn’t have their own pet to bring along. Ultimately Rouge, Boomerang and Cow PR worked together to deliver a fully integrated campaign that generated content and brand activation across multiple channels, ensuring a seamless continuity across all disciplines: pre-event publicity, event micro-site, online competition, broadcast promotion and the live event experience.

Why It Worked: Positive emotional connections whilst maintaining a focus on Boomerang brand: 96% of visitors felt the event demonstrated that the Boomerang brand valued them as customers. Engage & entertain: 94% of visitors said there were a good range of activities that appealed to their family. Footfall: More than 5,000 people attended the party. This represents a whopping 800% increase in footfall on the previous year – an unequivocal success. Coverage: Cow PR delivered an outstanding campaign in conjunction with the event – K99 Ice Cream.

In total, the activity generated 175 pieces of coverage with a global reach of 234 million people. The story and photographs were retweeted more than 300 times by users of Twitter. Attendance to the main Boomerang website increased 35% over the month following the campaign and global media coverage reached TV news stations as far afield as Canada and China.

Client testimonial: “Rouge have proved themselves as experts in creating fun and engaging events and provided the invaluable skills required to bring Boomerang’s favourite shows to life in an exciting live experience.” Sally Bezant, Marketing Director

Sledge with innocent drinks

The Brand Challenge: Innocent’s marketing purpose was to highlight their healthy eating credentials as a 5-a day brand. Whilst all ATL marketing focused towards this messaging, it was integral to the brand that they physically engaged with their consumers (their loyal fans), to help land this message and promote positive brand advocacy. Furthermore, the brand activity needed to create hype and buzz that would continue to resonate the brand’s core mission beyond the event via PR and social media channels. To help them, Innocent approached Sledge to bring all the ingredients together to create one of the healthiest pop-up cafes of 2010!

The Creative Big Idea: Sledge created an exclusive pop up café experience with the remit to feed 5,000 consumers delicious five-a-day portions for just £5. We created an intimate and uniquely ‘innocent’ café environment where the consumer could interact directly with the brand and share the experience with family and friends. Consumers could see for themselves how innocent could help them achieve their 5-a-day and that getting this didn’t need to be difficult but could be tasty and healthy! The positive brand experience consumers had at the café would then resonate beyond the event via word of mouth.

Why it Worked: With lots of smiling faces and full tummies (5,000 in fact!) the innocent 5 for 5 café was a definite recipe for success! It not only condensed innocent’s healthy eating message into apersonal experience for consumers, it was also pivotal to how this message was further amplified via PR and online media. As a result, the event sold out and generated fantastic PR (97 pieces of press coverage with a combined circulation of over 26 million and total PR value of £155k) -all of which helped convey innocent’s message to get the nation eating more fruit and veg!

ITCH with Virgin Media

The Brand Challenge: Virgin Media (VM) make significant investment into their headline sponsorship of V Festival. ITCH, Virgin Media’s brand engagement agency, is responsible for managing the brand partnership. In 2011 VM tasked ITCH with realising the brand’s above the line proposition ‘Virgin Media A More Exciting Place to Live’ to showcase product and services to festival goers and music lovers. ITCH has delivered the partnership since 2002. Onsite activation includes site wide wifi, recharge points, main stage branding, VIP hospitality and Angel promotional staff. In 2011 ITCH worked with partners across the Virgin Media business to extend the reach of the property pre, during and post event.

The Creative Big Idea: ITCH developed the VM Our House entertainment proposition to deliver the most exciting place to be over the festival weekend. This proposition was used to activate the sponsorship through an integrated campaign.

Pre Event – CRM, Digital and Social Media ITCH programmed VM Our House with a DJ line up of festival artists and magic moment competitions to win stage walk-ons and meet and greets. This content fuelled pre-event CRM mailings and desire for early bird tickets. ITCH talent relationships ensured VM Our House was promoted through artist’s social media footprint.

ABTL and Social Media: The Our House proposition was used to create a series of live 60” ads filmed from site on Friday evening. Broadcast on Channel 4 and in Facebook VM gave viewers the chance to be at the festival the next day.

Brand Experience Onsite – Experiential: Virgin Media Our House was built onsite as a bespoke structure for a festival house party. Festival goers, DJ’s and performers from across site came to join the party. Backstage, ITCH created Our Garden, a VIP haven for customers with it’s own clean toilets, cash bar, seating, massages and make overs to ensure they were really pampered. Best of all customers got access to go upstairs at VM Our House for the best views of performers and across the festival site.

Acoustic Sets – PR and Content ITCH worked with Virgin Media’s VOD team to secure and capture acoustic performances from artists performing at the festival. Video content was made available to customers post event.

Why It Worked: A strong creative proposition enabled VM to leverage the partnership fully and deliver strong results for the business.

  • CRM Emails to 8 million customers
  • 20,000 customers requested Early Bird tickets
  • Digital Customer digital communications delivered a CTR of 0.35% Social Media ‘Likes’ to the Virgin Media Facebook page increased by over 247%
  • ABTL – A combined TV audience of 3.76million delivered with 3 x 60” TVC on Channel 4 PR PR media coverage for Virgin Media valued at £11,375,550
  • Content 13 pieces of acoustic content were secured
  • In excess of 300,000 video views
  • Experiential Customer NPS of those attending on site increased by 18 points
  • Onsite Spontaneous Awareness of Virgin Media’s headline sponsorship grew by 10% year on year
  • Prompted Awareness of Virgin Media head line sponsorship increased by 10% year on year
  • Interior of Our House structure (360sqm) 26,600 vs 22,000 festival goers through The Mansion in 2010
  • Total footfall including exterior audio-capture zone (1300sqm) was 53,532 per site; grand total of 107,064 festival goers across both sites

TRO with Vauxhall Astra

The Brand Challenge: The launch of Vauxhall’s new Astra called for a live event concept complementing and echoing Astra’s TV advertising campaign. TRO was briefed to: Engage with Astra’s technologically-savvy target market Introduce the car to its UK retail network, and to selected customer prospects. Create powerful experiences that would turn every delegate and customer prospect into a passionate brand advocate for the new car. Given 2009’s tough trading climate, an event for the 1,700 dealers needed to be highly motivational – providing key product information, but also generating the enthusiasm that would enable the dealers to persuasively sell the new car.

The Creative Big Idea: The UK Astra Premiere: a roadshow visiting 10 key cities, plus a dealer conference. Both featured two cinematically-themed, high-tech interactive experiences incorporating film technology. In a customised photo pod, people were photographed in film-star poses, to produce a postcard-sized film poster featuring the subject in the starring role. After 48 hours, an Astra film trailer with the subject’s own picture superimposed was e-mailed to each person. They then uploaded and shared these personalised trailers on Facebook. People were treated to a virtual test-drive in a cut-away Astra. Wraparound 360-degree goggles simulated a spirited drive as a stunt driver.

Why It Worked: Gadgetry, social networking and above all, interactivity are prime motivators for Astra’s target market. The integration of cutting-edge film technology with social media wowed consumers and dealers alike. The photo pod and the virtual test drive films generated word of mouth and viral marketing – leading to increased showroom traffic. When asked: “Are you enthusiastic about the new Astra launch?” dealers scored: 9.63 out of 10. The question “Do you have the right tools you need to successfully launch the new Astra?” scored: 9.46 out of 10. The roadshow exceeded its pre-qualified customer prospect targets by 71%.

CPM (Activation in Retail – AIR) with Babylicious

The Brand Challenge: A new arrival to the baby food category addressed a much needed gap in the marke. Babylicious, a frozen baby food range was born and finally parents could buy baby food that really was “Yummy like mummy makes at home.” In her infant years, Babylicious had no problem getting along with mums, as they truly understand the concept of “taste matters”. The main issue facing our little one was around awareness – as although available in Asda, she was tucked away in the frozen aisle where mummies didn’t see her… So Babylicious’ mummy Sally Preston called CPM and asked “Can you help me find the best way to talk to parents and get them buying Babylicious in Asda?”

The Creative Big Idea: CPM’s activation in retail team rose to the challenge and over 2 years created a marketing plan involving a 30 store baby aisle freezer trial supported by brand activation in store, in the community and online. The campaign began with recruiting and training a team of highly profiled yummy mummies – allowing for the most credible face-to-face word of mouth campaign – mums talking to other mums – to drive awareness and sales in their local Asda stores. The integrated activity ran for a total of 4 months from June to September in 2011 and included active selling in Asda stores, community tasting events and online social media seeding.

Why It Worked: Our Yummy Babylicious Mummies were successful in driving awareness and stirring real passion amongst Asda mums, hitting Asda targeted rates of sale in over 70% of trial Asda stores (which were a cross section of demographic profiles). Over 100 mother and toddler tasting and information sessions were delivered and an estimated 70,000 parents engaged with-in store. Our mums chattered online on their own social media pages and blogged on relevant and relatable sites to reach as many local mums as possible. Asda’s post campaign analysis showed that 80% of sales were incremental – clearly, frozen is the future of infant feeding!


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