The FMBE awards – my personal top100, number 4

4 REL, Red Bull (2010, Brand/Store Relationship)

Red Bull have celebrated their Team of the Year trio of wins and rightly so. They have set a new standard in team training and performance.

This gold winner was perhaps more impressive again as it shows how all of that Red Bull team energy translates into a brand that retailers  – in this instance independent forecourt groups – really love to the point where they will sacrifice other brands in order to promote Red Bull.

This is a team that feeds off all of that Red Bull sports and music association and knows that they are going into store with a product that requires no introduction. So, they are able to obliterate small fry brands whilst enlarging the space given over to energy drinks to the general benefit of the category.

This masterful entry produced a dazzling array of testimonials that show that a great field teams, rather than being seen as a necessary evil, are truly appreciated by the stores. “We have seen some phenomenal sales performances by working together. We have seen every Red Bull sku grow significantly, double digit percentages, even triple. It’s been fantastic and something we’re not keen to let up on” said Patrick Sewell, Sewell Retail, a powerful testimony on its own, but backed up by a number of other store group owners saying the same put substance into the sales and relationship claims made throughout the entry.

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