Insight: Demand for marketing professionals continues to rise – Association of Professional Staffing Companies

Marketing vacancies increased 24% from January 2017 to October 2018, according to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). Both first and second quarters of 2018 saw even higher growth with vacancies up 39% and 46% respectively compared to the same time last year.

The APSCo Marketing Trends Report found that in terms of demand for marketing vacancies, a number of sectors this year experienced double-digit growth. The charity and NGO sector saw a strong performance, up 30%, however software and computing saw the highest increase, climbing by 45%. Media broadcasting and publishing also rose 40% from last year’s figures, despite areas such as advertising and media companies seeing less than half of this growth year-on-year.

Looking outside of London, several regions saw all round growth for marketing vacancies. While Wales saw the most, with an average of 33%, the East Midlands, Yorkshire & the Humber and West Midlands saw increases of 24%, 22% and 12% respectively.

Ann Swain, chief executive of APSCo, commented on the report saying;  “It’s unsurprising that demand for marketing vacancies, particularly within the technical arena continues to grow and spread across the UK. Given the rapidly changing digital landscape, sourcing talent to use technologies such as the latest CRMS, visual platforms, marketing data and analytics is fast becoming a businesses ‘must have’.

“Technology, Media and Telecoms is leading the way in the number of vacancies which is indicative of the fact that businesses want to showcase their technical capabilities and follow consumer trends by appealing to online audiences. Firms want to make a lasting, positive impact amid a competitive and uncertain market, and one way to do so is by powering their marketing offering through the strength of digital media and technology. This trend towards automation may be the reason for a decline in vacancies for manual professional services.”

“Slower growth within advertising and media firms suggests an increasing number of firms are bringing marketing functions in-house.”

“It’s also interesting to see that Wales had the largest growth for marketing vacancies above other high performing regions including; East and West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber. This may be attributed to the rise in recent initiatives such as the launch of digital marketing workshops in Wales, aimed at SMEs to help them optimise business growth for the future.”

The APSCo Marketing Trends Report is a bi-annual publication produced in association with Vacancysoft

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