Insight: Captify – New research reveals that consumers associate Ferrari with sport rather than luxury

To tie in with the 70th anniversary of the debut of Ferrari’s iconic 125S hitting racetracks for the first time, new search trends analysis research today reveals the luxury car maker still holds pole position amongst sports car aficionados.

Captify, a Search Intelligence data activation company, which analyses 33 billion online monthly searches, found that the Ferrari brand had experienced the largest increase in online searches by consumers for luxury cars, compared with last year.

Brand % Uplift from 2016
1. Ferrari 301%
2. Lamborghini 280%
3. Bentley 72%
4. Jaguar 94%
5. Aston Martin 18%

In addition, the Ferrari brand is associated more with being a sports car than a luxury vehicle. The terms included the most in searches for Ferrari were:

Search Term % of Searches
1. ‘Sports Car’ 80%
2. ‘Italian’ 1%
3. ‘Speed’ 10%
4. ‘Red’ 8%
5. ‘Luxury’ 1%

With consumers spending as much as $400,000 on an individual Ferrari, research also reveals that men (84%) are far more likely than women (16%) to search the brand’s products.  Those searching for the auto maker tended to be between 35-44 years old (23%) and 45-54 (20%).

Dom Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder of Captify said: “People have begun to view Ferrari as a sport brand, not a luxury brand. This, as well as the huge uptick in searches may be due to Ferrari’s presence at Formula 1 races. Its strongly male audience seems most loyal to the brand, despite our insights showing that most are aspirational searchers rather than those intending to buy. We are able to look back through consumer search behaviour to validate those truly in-market.”

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