The FMBE awards – my personal top100 (30 -26)

30 LIME, Tesco Wines (2008, Retail Training)

Q, How do you make wine samplers more effective?

A. Teach them about wine.

It seems so simple, but this obvious idea hadn’t been tried before. Until this point, Tecso had done without LIME’s staff and samplers in the wine category, in spite of their strong ongoing relationship  in sampling generally.

Training the Tesco team in the essentials of viticulture (using Wines and Spirits Education Trust) was a coming of age moment for sampling in general. It showed that sampling staff are keen to learn new facts and do much better in terms of results when better informed about their products.

The result of Tesco embracing LIME’s advice? An increase in wine days booked by brands of 132 per cent.

29 LMG, Magners (2007, Sales/Negotiation)

Drinks sector specialist LMG told the field marketing story behind Magner’s meteoric rise to prominence as the brand single-handedly reinvigorated the cider sector. The now famous ‘pour over ice’ marketing concept could have amounted to little more than a footnote had LMG not created the distribution platform and sold the whole concept to retailers at on and off trade with true expertise.

28 Cross Marketing, Guinness (2007, International)

In 2007 we all thought that consumer evaluation at an experiential event was being led by agencies in the US and possibly the UK but Nigeria’s Cross Marketing was right at the forefront of assessing emotional event immersion. Cross was chiefly interested in analysing consumer attitude before and after its events, with front of mind recall placed in the centre of campaign objectives rather than samples or contacts made.

Mind you, they also sold a stack of Guinness at the events!

27 Logobrand, Sara Lee (2008 Data and IT)

The agency/brand have been consistently successful in these awards, and the agency has a very strong reputation for driving ROI via effective use and analysis of data.

This win charted the journey from account win, to the integration of sales analysis by Logobrand at Sara Lee’s HQ.

This was the beginning of a virtuous circle for agency and brand owner showing compliance improvement and market share growth yoy.

The relationship has flourished to become one of the leading ones in Field Marketing.

26 space, Nivea (2006, PR Generation)

The entry turned concept – and to an extent the FMBE category – on its head, and ran a competition (since copied) to be brand ambassadors for tanning brand Sunkissed Skin and for the winners to compete with each other to generate as much press and media coverage as possible. A modest prize fund thus generated publicity at 29 radio stations and 15 newspapers.

It was a great success, but it gets this high on my list because it was one of the first campaigns to truly embrace the ‘customer ambassador.’

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