FMBE Awards – 2017 Results

The Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards – 2017 Result

Announced at Troxy London, 19.10.2017

This results list also includes two of the new BE Connected Awards, Brand Ambassador Live and Creative and Resourceful Staff Supplier of the year

The evening celebrated brand ambassadors and Caroline Firkins, Tetley, REL Field Marketing, Stefano Magaritelli, Samsung, Love The People and Laura Landamore, Willow Park all took home gold. Bruno Murari was the live award winner and TRO Talent won the staffing category. There were many impressive brand ambassadors to celebrate  – scroll down for the silver and bronze winners.

Field Sales Solutions and Wasserman were the biggest winners at FMBE 2017. The sci-fi themed gala evening was presented by Mr Red Dwarf, the multi-talented Craig Charles.

Field Sales Solutions had a stellar year with major client wins, great people driven results across the business and award-winning campaigns for variety of clients. The evening saw the agency win Agency of the Year status in field marketing for the first time.

Wasserman has been agency of the year three times before, so 2017 made the agency the first to gain the 4-timer status. The year  has seen the agency breakthrough across Europe with brands from the Bacardi stable whilst creating some ground breaking work in the UK for Sky. The agency’s work for Bombay Sapphire was a dual winner.

Other notable wins saw REL Field Marketing taking the Professional Agency award by showing their Great Place to Work business strategy and Molson Coors with Powerforce winning a hard fought Team of the Year.

The special award for multiple brand partnership went to Frukt and Jagermeister and the festival properties they link with so seamlessly.


The Field Marketing Awards

Sales Campaign of the Year

GOLD FMI, Electric Ireland

SILVER Mash, Dyson

SILVER REL Field Marketing, GSK

BRONZE Field Sales Solutions, innocent


Most Effective Sales Demonstration of Sampling

GOLD Gekko, Grundig

SILVER REL Field Marketing, Dell


BRONZE REL Field Marketing, Panasonic


Field data award

GOLD Retail 7, Huawei

SILVER Logobrand, Wrigley

BRONZE REL Field Marketing, Danone Waters & Red Bull


Most Effective Instore Marketing

GOLD Logobrand, Wrigley

SILVER Logobrand, William Grant

BRONZE McCurrach, Heineken

BRONZE Visual Thinking, O2


Most Effective Tactical Campaign

GOLD Field Sales Solutions, innocent

SILVER Powerforce, AG Barr

BRONZE Logobrand, William Grant


Team of the Year

GOLD Powerforce, Molson Coors

SILVER McCurrach, Unilever Ice Cream

BRONZE Kellogg (Field Sales Europe)

BRONZE REL Field Marketing, Danone Waters & Red Bull


The Brand Experience Awards

Most Effective Sponsorship Activation

GOLD Hope&Glory, HTC Vive

SILVER Banana Kick, Satsuma Loans

BRONZE FreemanXP, Vodafone


Most Effective Roadshow/Shopping Centre Campaign

GOLD Circle Agency, Orbis

SILVER Haygarth, Clarins

SILVER iD, Co-op

BRONZE MKTG, European Respiratory Council


Most Immersive brand event (mass consumer)


SILVER Circle Agency, Dorset Cereals

BRONZE TracyLocke, Ferrero Rocher


Most Immersive Brand Event (B2B/ B2E)

GOLD DRP, Nationwide

SILVER McCurrach, Microsoft

BRONZE Momentum, Microsoft


Most Immersive Brand Event (Controlled B2C)

GOLD Wasserman, Bombay Sapphire

SILVER Woof with Kaper PR, Maille

BRONZE  CSM Live, More Th>n


Most Effective Integration/ Amplification

GOLD Hope&Glory, Marie Curie

SILVER CSM Live, More Th>n

BRONZE Hills Balfour/MDSG supported by Space&People, Las Vegas


Most Effective Interruptive Experience

GOLD PrettyGreen, Pandora

SILVER Sense, Jacobs

BRONZE Banana Kick, Leeds Clean Air

BRONZE MKTG, Norwegian


Most Creative Campaign

GOLD Wasserman, Bombay Sapphire

SILVER Initials, Walkers

BRONZE MKTG, Norwegian

BRONZE Popcorn PR, Moonpig


The FMBE Awards

Brand Ambassador of the Year (Field Sales)

GOLD Caroline Firkins, REL Field Marketing, Tetley

SILVER Emma Hanley, Field Sales Solutions, Ferrero

BRONZE Jordan Halsman, Powerforce, Molson Coors


Brand Ambassador of the Year (Experiential)

GOLD Stefano Magaritelli, Love the People, Samsung

SILVER Jean Lowe, Fizz Experience, The Food Warehouse

BRONZE Maddie Pearce, Hel’s Angels, SSE


Brand Ambassador of the Year (Consumer Tech)

GOLD Laura Landamore, Willow Park Associates

SILVER Matthew Paul, McCurrach, Microsoft

BRONZE Johanna Knaapi, Retail Marketing Group, LG

BRONZE Bruno Murari, REL Field Marketing, Nikon


Most Effective Small Scale/ Local Campaign

GOLD MKTG, Braintree

SILVER GMR, Johnsonville

BRONZE Circle Agency, Fuller’s

BRONZE The Fresh Group, Co-op

BRONZE McCurrach, Magnum


Most Effective Product Launch/Relaunch

GOLD REL Field Marketing, Weetabix


BRONZE REL Field Marketing, Tetley


Most Effective Shopper Influence Campaign

GOLD N2O, Felix

SILVER Powerswitch, Nestle


BRONZE iMP, Wall’s Ready Baked


Interactive Brand Engagement

GOLD Haygarth, Clarins

SILVER McCurrach, Microsoft

BRONZE Hope&Glory, HTC Vive

BRONZE MKTG, Braintree


Most Effective Stand/Display Unit (Instore/Kiosk /Indoor)

GOLD Retail Marketing Group, Lenovo

SILVER Custodian Consultancy, Pedigree

SILVER The Yard Creative, Protein Haus

BRONZE Undercurrent, Samsung


Most Effective Stand/Display Unit (Outdoor/ Mall)

GOLD Energy, Rolls Royce

SILVER MKTG, Norwegian

BRONZE Promohire and Jackanory, Cadbury

BRONZE Wasserman, Sky


Operational Success of the Year

GOLD Fizz Experience, Costco

SILVER Field Sales Solutions, The Health Lottery

SILVER IQOS (Philip Morris), Concept Store

BRONZE Wasserman, Bombay Sapphire


Professional Agency Team Award

GOLD REL Field Marketing, Great Place to Work

SILVER Gekko, Google

BRONZE Fizz Experience, Costco


Most Effective Multibrand Event or Partnership

GOLD Frukt, Jagermeister

SILVER McCurrach, Pepsico

BRONZE Momentum, Microsoft


Field Marketing Agency of the Year

GOLD Field Sales Solutions

SILVER McCurrach

SILVER REL Field Marketing

BRONZE Logobrand


Brand Experience Agency of the Year

GOLD Wasserman




BE Connected Brand Ambassdor Live

Winner: Bruno Murari, Nikon, REL Field Marketing


BE Connected Resourceful and Creative Staff Supplier of the Year

Winner: TRO Talent