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About Field Marketing

Field Marketing is the single most important part of the sales and marketing mix.

There, we’ve said it.

When you have a brand in the market place it takes on a life of its own, a character that is defined by the way it is presented and by the way shoppers or consumers perceive it.

On the journey between manufacture and purchase there are a plethora of influences cushioning and buffeting your brand . There are your own influences – the product itself, its advertising, packaging and promotions. There are the same influences from competitors aiming to knock your product plans off course. Then there are the influences of retailers – stock agreements, shelf plans, display agreements. And there are exterior influences from an ever changing cast of consumers, shopping cultures, weather, technology trends, lifestyle choices and more.

Field Marketing allows you to take control of the way that your brand is presented by retailers and to understand the way that consumers engage with it. Typically Field Marketing measures activity at point of purchase, so the multiple influences on the living brand can be understood in terms of actual sales.

Field Marketing is highly accountable. You can accurately measure the value of your activity in the field.

Field marketing teams are the eyes and ears of brand owners.

Field Marketing uses people and data to bring brand owners vital insight and fully accountable ROI. is the international home of field marketing on the world wide web. Here you will find the best practitioners, illuminating case studies, latest technologies, award winning agencies, and the chance to chat through the opportunities that field marking can bring to your business.

About Live Brand Experience Marketing

Live Brand Experience Marketing is the most exciting and engaging marketing channel. It typically uses experiential techniques to engage and involve consumers directly at a live event/venue. The channel encompasses a wide range of consumer engagements and interactions, from sampling, to event marketing to sponsorship activation, to PR Stunts and interactive displays. It is alive, vibrant and offers marketers the opportunity to pour their most compelling creative ideas into brands, often amplifying that live engagement using social, digital or above the line media.

As defined on this website, Live Brand Experience Marketing is NOT Field Marketing, but it does share a strong affinity with Field Marketing in that

1. It typically deploys brand ambassadors into a real life environment

2. It often delivers highly accountable results for FMCG and consumer durable brands

3. It is often reliant on co-ordination with Field Marketers to help make sure that the live promotion translates to sales in stores

4. Brand owners often co-ordinate and budget their brand experience team with promotions at retail, using their FM team to report on store compliance/ retail execution

5. Like Field Marketing, Live Brand Experience can be logistically demanding and so require skilled agency support in terms of logistics as well as creativity and strategic brand ideas

6. In key European markets Field Marketing and Event Marketing can often be resourced through the same agency

7. In most global markets, Field Marketing and In-Store B2C sales demonstrations and aisle sampling would often be regarded as a Field Marketing capability

This website covers news, awards and general discussion on live brand experiences.

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