Why FMBE/ selected Imagineerium for this showcase

Last years build of Wake The Tiger, an immersive experience in Bristol put Imagineerium onto the radar for many event creators who want to make their events evocative and atmospheric. A recent build of a long-term bar for Red Bull has shown versatility.

Image 1 – Eldorado Festival  – Vice City  – FMBE view “An atmospheric night life build for the Bristol music festival.”

El Dorado - Vice City - Eastnor Castle - 2022

Image 2 – The Sun Bar – Red Bull’s London HQ – FMBE view “This bar is a stay up, not a pop up, but pop-ups can learn from its deceptively simple elegance and great use of the indoors-outdoors location. The warm vibe is there in the design.”

The Red Bull HQ - Sun Bar - Covent Garden - 2023

Image 3: The Wake of the Tiger – The Elder Forest. FMBE View: “This is design that tell the story on its own by immediately immersing us in all of those  familiar stories – dark and light moments of fairy tales and fantasy. From Hansel and Gretel to The Hobbit this build allows the new experience to tell its own new tale without having to first set the scene.”

Wake the Tiger - The Elder Forest - Bristol - 2022

Image 4: The Wake of the Tiger – Toyshop Cafe Bar. FMBE View: There’s a bit of Roald Dahl or Chitty Chitty going on here because the storytelling atmosphere is needed alongside the functional elements of the space.”

Wake the Tiger - Toyshop Cafe Bar - Bristol - 2022