Rakesh Sharma

Director, Vaijasi

Published on 17/10/2017

What makes you job exciting?

Clients Success drives us and we aim to work at our best with all the stakeholders and value each other’s support.

What are the benefits of working at a start up?

It’s challenging, fun, learning, trying new things and working round the clock.

How do you react to a challenging brief?

We work very closely with our clients as their extended team. We 1st get to understand 360 degree view of their existing set up and what they plan to achieve. Then we make a blue print of road map to reach planned goals. As we work closely as a team we always cross check and manage any deviation and try to improvise as we get on with the work.

What has been the highlight over the last 12 months?

We are driving buisness and working on the end-to-end launch for Biocell UK and Valentis Life Science Introducing another range of  products like Vitamin D3. We are really looking forward to the launch at Stylist Live in November.

What’s on the horizon for Vaijasi?

As well as the Biocell launch, we are bringing more clients on board and continuing to excel in our existing services.

What has been a personal professional highlight?

A big learning curve, made good friends and some of the industry people extended their support and insight. I like to make a special thanks to Steve Radford from Field Star, Chris Pearson from Task 360, Victoria Phillips from Sydney Maxwell and Frank Wainwright from Field Marketing.

How do you keep at the top of your game in this industry?

Being creative, innovative and adaptive.

Who do you find inspirational?

I find inspiration from Mr Ratan Tata, well known as one of the world’s biggest industrialist and philanthropists. I actually started my career working at TATA’s.



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