Promohire – A Raccoon brand

Why FMBE/ selected Promohire for this showcase

Vehicle and trailer provision and wrapping is more than sticking a colour and a brand onto the vehicle – or at least it can be. It takes more to achieve stand out and style.

Image 1: Malone Souliers – FMBE View: “The classic Routemaster – This bus was used for intrigue at London Fashion Week for the fashion footwear brand to entertain and enagage with guests. This full vehicle wrap makes extra sense on a sunny day when London’s main landmarks can be used as background with the big bold bus the hero.”


Image 2: NARS Sephora – FMBE View: “The Airstream’s natural shine has been bronzed in honour of the Afterglow Collection for cosmetics brand NARS. ”


Image 3: Netflix – The Witcher FMBE View: “Season 3 of The Witcher was boosted along by this simple but effective 15 stop ice cream tour. The clever bit here is the creative design that makes the very simple engagement tactic of free ice cream into a conversation started and Instagrammable moment. ”


Image 4 – Shein – FMBE View: “The fashion retailer is known for its pop up retail. This one uses the Airstream curves on the curving balustrade to make a small space into a location with dwell time.”