Case Study: Noonah’s Personalize helps Adobe Express build student awareness

Noonah-Adobe-Personalize-Student-Tour-Photo4-1024x683Through October 2022 Adobe targeted Gen Z creative students to promote Adobe Express with an interactive tour supported by Noonah’s technology.

The nationwide #AdobeToteTour saw 12 dates at 12 universities ranging from Bournemouth on the South coast to Teeside in the North East.

#AdobeToteTour used Noonah’s Personalize tech, which allowed students to trial Adobe Express and, minutes later, be presented with their own design printed onto a tote bag. The students worked first-hand with Adobe experts on site.

The bags had a personal connection for the students – after all, they made them themselves. Whenever they used them it increased awareness as they wandered around campuses with the branded bags.

The 12-day tour spent a day on campus at Bournemouth, Southampton, Kingston, Goldsmiths, Westminster, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Bath Spa, Coventry, Sheffield, Manchester Metropolitan, Teeside.


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