Amplify + Seed confirm strategic partnership in parity ownership deal

Celia Forshew & Jonathan Emmins littleAmplify  has bought a parity stake in Seed – the marketing agency that specialises in targeting students for brands including ASOS, Budweiser and Nike. The deal further bolsters Amplify’s youth credentials whilst giving Seed enhanced opportunities for global growth.

Amplify and Seed will operate as distinct independent businesses, but with scope to cross-fertilise when appropriate. The new ownership structure formalises a two-year long partnership; a period that has seen Seed double in size (from 15 staff to 30) and almost triple its turnover (from £2million to £5.5million).

Although Seed has already designed and delivered worldwide student programmes and campaigns for brands like ASOS and Spotify, the strategic partnership with Amplify will help support and extend Seed’s global offering by following Amplify’s rapid international growth, where approximately 60% of Amplify’s activations now take place overseas.

Amplify have a long-standing reputation as the go-to agency for globally engaging youth audiences and culture, with their recent Young Blood research pieces and film series cementing their position as thought leaders in the field. Seed’s unrivalled insight, expertise and access to the student market further extends this commitment.

Amplify’s Founder, Jonathan Emmins, commented: “Amplify are always looking to support, develop and invest in best-in-class talent and partners because we believe and know that the next mind-blowing ideas can come from anywhere. After being introduced to Celia it was clear there’s a real meeting of minds between Amplify and Seed. Their audience-driven and collaborative campaigns are genuinely influential and very of-the-moment, offering a true alternative to more traditional and out-dated approaches and routes.

“Although we’ve been informally mentoring Seed for a couple of years already, this is a genuine partnership of equals: Amplify has a lot to give, but it also has a lot it can learn from a smart and talented young business like Seed. I’m looking forward to growing collaboratively and to helping Seed continue to lead creatively, strategically and executionally across the world.”

Seed’s Founder and CEO, Celia Forshew, added:Jonathan is one of the best in the industry. By sharing his know-how with us, he has helped us to give global scale to Seed’s creativity, strategy and specialist student access.”

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