Andrew Orr steps up to MD at TRO as Michael Wyrley-Birch departs

Omnicom Experiential Group announced has a transition in leadership at TRO, effective January 1, 2023.

Andrew Orr, the agency’s current Head of Clients, will be elevated to UK Managing Director. Michael Wyrley-Birch, who became Managing Director of the UK office in 2012 and CEO of the group in 2017, will be exploring new opportunities outside of the experiential marketing world.

“When Omnicom Experiential Group launched in 2018, we envisioned a collective of individual agencies that would reshape how global brands used the power of experience to build consumer trust,” said Cameron Parsons, CEO of GMR Marketing and one of Omincom Experiential Group’s co-founders, alongside Wyrley-Birch and Cyril Giorgini, CEO of Auditoire. “Mike has brought that vision to life using TRO’s unique ability to create shared experiences across the in-person and virtual environments, and I’m excited to see Andrew pick up that mantle.”

In Wyrley-Birch’s time leading TRO, the agency’s global footprint in the UK and China expanded across Europe, with teams now based in London, Manchester, Norwich, Shanghai, Milan and Paris.

“I’m so proud of TRO’s transformation into an agency that drove industry change, using our vision of designing experiences that created genuine feelings for millions of people,” Wyrley-Birch said.

Orr joined TRO in 2006, with a career spanning the experiential marketing channel. He’s served as a brand ambassador in the field and has risen to now oversee and implement growth strategy for TRO in his current role as the leader of the agency’s Manchester office.

“I’ve always been inspired by the power of experience, because there’s a level of everyday diversity that makes the work endlessly interesting,” Orr said. “As I step into this new role as Managing Director, I look forward to leading this team of passionate marketers who have mastered the expertise of end-to-end service, as we deliver seamless support to our clients across the B2B and B2C spaces.”


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