Arla Foods UK extends relationship with StayinFront

Arla Foods UK has extended its relationship with StayinFront, the Provider of mobile, cloud-based field force solutions for consumer goods.

Arla deployed StayinFront TouchCG to its UK sales force to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its field operations. Sales representatives can use the mobile dashboards, KPIs and data-driven selling tools to complete retail tasks more quickly and focus on in-store selling opportunities.

Arla’s management has leveraged the powerful analytics and reporting tools in StayinFront EdgeCG to gain greater real-time visibility and insight into its field performance and develop more effective strategies to drive business in store.

StayinFront is a powerful information asset that lets us monitor trends and respond quickly to changing market conditions,” said Phil Burleigh, controller sales OptimISAtion Team Arla UK. “Visits per rep have increased and our sales force is able to add more value, deliver better service and drive incremental sales.
We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with the UK’s largest dairy supplier,” said Wayne Gallaway, managing director, EMEA at StayinFront. “StayinFront remains committed to helping Arla sales reps do more in every visit, know more about each store’s performance, and sell more effectively at point of sale.”

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