Blackjack to launch AAP, the airport staff booking app

blackjack-aapWhether in sudden need of a till assistant, customer service staff, a language specialist or someone with another key skill, airport retailers operating airside now have a solution to their last-minute personnel issues, thanks to an new mobile app from Blackjack Promotions.

Launching at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes from October 2-7, 2016, the Airline and Airport People (AAP) app will allow retailers to choose staff with the relevant skills from the newly upgraded Blackjack database and book them immediately, securing the right people at short notice.

“Essentially, the AAP is like Uber for airport staffing,” said Sally Alington, managing director at Blackjack, who devised and developed the idea. “It can be downloaded straight onto your smart device and provides quick and easy access to our outstanding talent pool.”

This solution aims to address a key problem within airside retail areas, which differ greatly from regular shopping centres in that it’s much harder replace someone if, for example, they call in sick, because of security clearance issues.

“All Blackjack staff are airside-cleared and we have a huge range of skills and talents within our team, so if available, and if they fit the bill, they can be brought in at a moment’s notice using AAP,” Alington explained. “This means airside retailers can now make sure that on peak days or when faced with sudden personnel shortages their outlets are fully staffed, or they are able to recruit specially trained people as and when they need them. This will help maximise the opportunity for the retailer and the airport, while also optimising customer experience, driving sales.”

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