Castrol Edge introduces the next episode of Titanium Trials with #CloneRival

In Castrol EDGE’s latest Titanium Trial, two world-class drivers pushed their skills and nerve to the limit as they face the toughest competitor of their career-their digital clone.

This is the fourth Trial from the Castrol Edge Titanium Trials series and involves two supercars the Koenigsegg One:1 and the track-only Aston Martin Vulcan. The aim of the pioneering challenge is to pursue the ultimate driving performance, showcasing man, machine and oil like never before.

Castrol Edge worked with ground-breaking virtual reality experts Rewind to develop and customise one of the world’s best simulators to replicate the real race location; Spain’s notorious Ascari race track.

Combining acoustics and a cutting-edge tactile feedback system, the simulator provides the immersive feeling of the engine, road and body impacts. The supercars were analysed comprehensively, taking into account tyre size and weight, car aerodynamics, weather conditions and even down-force at varying speed, ensuring that the simulator experience was as close to the real thing as can possibly be achieved.

The two drivers each recorded 10 virtual sessions at the Titanium Lab in London, before data of their best performances were fused together, creating their ’Ultimate Lap’.

Castrol Edge teamed up with:

  • Danish Koenigsegg test driver Christoffer Nygaard to drive the One:1, which is one of only 6 in the world, delivering an astounding power-to-weight ratio, previously thought impossible for a road car.
  • British racing star and two times Le Mans winner, Darren Turner, who drove the all-carbon fibre Aston Martin Vulcan – one of only 24 such vehicles ever produced. Darren is one of only 7 people in the world that are trained to drive this supercar.


Boosted with Castrol Edge in their engines, the supercar challenge took place at Spain’s Ascari race track. The 5.425km long track includes 25 demanding and technical turns, elevation, camber changes, and airborne opportunities ensure that this track is notoriously hard to memorise and master.

The Brooklyn Brothers are the creative and strategy lead agency behind the event



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