Coalition celebrates 13 years with a rebrand

Experiential staffing business Coalition has turned ‘luck for some’ 13, celebrating with a rebrand.

The rebrand coincides to align the brand with the moved expectations of a post-Covid world.

To mark this new era, Coalition gave itself a detailed analysis, hosting a series of sessions designed to reevaluate the business and its strengths right across the team.

Coaltion’s founder Craig Wilkinson explains: “Our services in many ways are not so different but the world is and people are, economically and emotionally and many other ways no doubt. We have had some brilliant sessions as a team really digging deep, interrogating who we are, who our people are, who our clients are, our why and all of the questions we need to ask to really be on the same page as a team – for ourselves and for everyone who works with us.”

The result of these sessions is expressed in the new logo, a subtle rebranding that captures the agency’s sense of maturity.

A statement from Coaliton about the new logo reads:

  • Removing the box around the previous logo is symbolic of our commitment to freedom, unity, and collaboration. By shedding the box, we embrace a more open, collective identity, proudly representing ourselves as a coalition of diverse talents and ideas.
  • This visual transformation reflects our dynamic and interconnected approach, showcasing that within Coalition, every element collaborates seamlessly, contributing to the strength of the collective. The absence of boundaries in our logo mirrors our ethos — we are a collective force, united, and ready to make a lasting impact.

Coalition’s mission remains simple and clear.

Our mission is to bring brand experiences to life with an unwavering commitment to creativity and excellence. 

We strive to connect the best people – clients and talent to deliver world-class events.

Craig concludes: “With so many changes in the world, particularly since the pandemic, it is important for us to move with the flow, always. To know our clients, our people and ourselves,;we are really excited by where we are today and the work and relationships we are blessed to have developed and continue to develop along the way.”

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