Enzo’s Kitchen feeds the homeless over Christmas

Sicilian TV chef, and ex-co-star of Gordon Ramsay will be hitting the streets of London this Christmas day bearing gifts of pasta and authentic Italian Christmas cake – Panettone, for London’s growing homeless community.

Working in the heart of the busy West End, the staff at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen are all too aware that London faces a serious housing problem. Not only are many people sleeping on the streets in below freezing temperatures, but many people also find difficulty in finding proper meals each day.

On Christmas day, a team headed by Tasting Sicily’s celebrity chef Enzo Oliveri  offered free pasta and  Panettone desserts to London’s homeless. Sicily is famously one of Europe’s most generous cultures, putting a strong emphasis on giving and family traditions. Sicilians know that a plate of comforting, hearty, and delicious Sicilian food is just the thing to make the festive season a little bit warmer for people who are living without the essentials this holiday season.

Chef Enzo says, “I really like to give back to the people of London during the holiday season. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are, so it’s important to share with others and ensure that nobody goes without food on Christmas day. Doing a good deed is just one small part of fixing the homelessness issue in London – but if everyone can team together, we can really make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate people of the capital!”

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