Exposure Analytics launch Apex Live footfall counting

Exposure Analytics are launching Apex, an event technology system that will deliver precision footfall counting at events and exhibitions with 99% accuracy. Apex offers the ability to cover areas as small as one metre squared.
Apex uses a stereoscopic camera to measure and count people in a space.  It can be tailored to any event or exhibition space. With the cameras in place it offers the ability to define specific zones within a stand or event space for detailed footfall analytics.  All of the data is fed back to Exposure Analytics’ custom platform for easy access at events, for evaluation afterwards, and planning future events and activations.

Commercial Director, Rob Murdoch explained: “We’ve been working with event professionals for five years now and have covered over 2500 events. Our clients asked us for extra detail about how their customers enter, exit and occupy an exhibition stand or activation so we’ve come up with a solution that does just that. Apex counts individual people (our existing EX sensors pick up wifi signals) so it is fantastic for accurate footfall at events where children or others without wifi enabled devices are in attendance.”

Apex allows event professionals and marketers to:
  • Capture detailed footfall data, with clearly defined counting perimeters

  • Physically draw the area you want to monitor – ultra-wide viewing angles cover wide passages and large areas with a single sensor
  • Understand main points of entry and exit
  • Easily see which areas were most and least popular
  • Optimise staff levels at busy times
  • Compare and contrast the success of varying stand layouts and different locations

Exposure Analytics works with brands and agencies to help them to evaluate and enhance their events, exhibitions and experiential activations.
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