Hollywood Bowl strikes again with intu as it signs at intu Broadmarsh redevelopment

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intu has signed the UK’s largest tenpin bowling operator as its second leisure anchor for the redevelopment of intu Broadmarsh.

Hollywood Bowl has committed to 22,000 sq ft space which will be positioned alongside premium cinema The Light, and other leisure units and restaurants when the redevelopment completes in 2020. The tenpin bowling operator recently signed for space at intu Lakeside and intu Watford, and opened at intu Derby earlier this year.

Laurence Keen, chief financial officer, Hollywood Bowl Group, said: “intu is leading the way in driving growth in retail and leisure, and its prime, high footfall destinations enable us to execute our new centre opening strategy across its UK-wide portfolio. We’re excited to be bringing the Hollywood Bowl brand to one of the UK’s most popular city centres and be a part of the redevelopment of intu Broadmarsh.”

Martin Breeden, development director, intu, said: “This is another important step in our plans for intu Broadmarsh where we are bringing development expertise to create a fantastic mix of the best in catering and leisure, urban fashion and independent stores. Hollywood Bowl will give our customers another great reason to visit our centre and stay for longer, and will be part of the great tenant mix which will help all our retailers and restaurants flourish.”

The redevelopment of intu Broadmarsh will complement the existing retail and leisure offering at intu Victoria Centre as well as the wider city.  intu has worked with Nottingham City Council to align with their vision, and to ensure that the development works in collaboration with the rest of the city, improving access and connectivity throughout.

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