Impact Field Marketing Group rebrands as Marvesting as its international footprint expands again

To mark a new stage of growth and expansion, Impact Field Marketing Group has changed its group name to Marvesting. The group, which has recently acquired a new company, P&R Visual Merchandising in the Netherlands, is distinguished from its French subsidiary, Impact, The change solidifies Marvesting’s position as a European leader in omni-channel commercial and marketing strategy.

The group continues its ambitious international growth strategy, with the goal of establishing itself in Europe as a trusted partner for clients with multi-country commercial and marketing strategies. It’s within this framework that the recent acquisition of P&R was carried out. P&R has been operating in the Netherlands for over 20 years in visual merchandising, from deployment to the execution of creative and innovative concepts. This acquisition strengthens its international credentials and increases the group’s collective revenue to over €155 million.

Marvesting, “Reinventing relationships, accelerating sustainable growth”

The group’s new name, Marvesting, embodies its deep commitment to the fields of marketing and investment. It also references the extraordinary (the “marvellous”) and symbolizes the value creation inherent in the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, enabling it to meet its clients’ needs.

The new name is accompanied by an aspirational slogan, “Reinventing relationships, accelerating sustainable growth,” which highlights the group’s commitment to the brands its subsidiaries collaborate with.

“Faced with continued growth in France and internationally, the acceleration of our digital transformation and the development of new services, the group is marking a new stage, in line with its strategy, by becoming Marvesting,” comments Jean-Dominique Castellani, CEO.

A more dynamic visual identity

These changes are accompanied by a new dynamic visual identity, reflecting the key values of the group: agility, performance, altruism, boldness, and teamwork.

These are represented in a unique symbol graphic to this rebranding: the accelerator. It sits atop the “i” in Marvesting and gives personality to the new logo. More vibrant colours complement this evolution, along with a set of pictograms representative of the group’s activities. (see video)


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