Land Rover drives the visitor experience at Liverpool ONE

liverpool-one-lr-exp-51470692littleLand Rover brought a driving experience to Liverpool ONE’s Chavasse Park to demonstrate the driving capabilities of the Land Rover Evoque.

Visitors to the experience were able to put the car through its paces on an outdoor course complete with specially designed ramps to simulate uneven terrain and a large 45° downhill descent.

Commenting on the event, Miles Dunnett from Grosvenor Europe, said: “Interactive experiences such as Land Rover’s off road course complement the retail and leisure offer at Liverpool ONE.  The commercialisation team is very focused on bringing unique and exciting events to the heart of Liverpool, and Chavasse Park the perfect place for this style of experience.”

In the last 12 months, more than 60 brands have held experiential events or promotions at Liverpool ONE, 50% of whom were new to the city.  Particular highlights include Argos selecting Liverpool ONE for the national launch of its fast lane concept and Lego choosing Liverpool ONE as the first venue outside London to host its Santa’s sleigh.

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