Momentum Instore Launches Future of UK Retail Report

Leading retail implementation agency Momentum Instore is proud to present its inaugural Future of UK Retail Report. This major industry report combines Momentum’s unique insights in retail with extensive research on consumer shopping trends, demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to driving innovation.

The Future of Retail Report features crucial developments that are transforming the way that retailers operate, from the changing role of the physical retail estate to the rise of digital strategies. These fresh challenges and the rapid pace of change in the industry demonstrate the need for a dynamic, omnichannel approach to appeal to the emerging shopping habits of our future generations.

The report also forecasts future developments set to shape the retail sector in 2017 and beyond, and highlights the vast potential that technology can deliver in terms of customer targeting, personalisation and choice. To demonstrate this, the report features a number of case studies on retailers that are successfully optimising their retail estates with new technology.

Managing Director of Momentum Instore Rob Gleave said: “The world of retail is constantly evolving.  Staying at the cutting edge of technology is key to success and the insights in our new report can provide retailers with the tools they need to remain at the forefront of the industry.

“2017 will be a year of transformation for the UK and the world at large. Whilst there may be challenges ahead, we’re confident that with an understanding of the new generation of consumer, a renewed focus on omnichannel and a willingness to embrace new technology, forward thinking retailers across the country will be set for success.”

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