Momentum Instore showcases expertise at RDE 2017

Momentum Instore will present its range of services at RDE 2017, showcasing its installation expertise, asset tracking and store survey capabilities. Also on show will be the company’s latest reporting technology, including Momentum’s proprietary app for complete, real-time project transparency, its rapid retail response service and the newly introduced My Estate feature.  As Momentum Instore extends its capabilities delivering major installations across Europe, the company’s expertise in managing large and complex projects will continue to ensure smooth and rapid implementation for its retail customers.

Momentum Instore’s experience in retail implementation brings years of expertise together in a new user-friendly platform, the InSite app.  The app delivers realtime estate management and an instant snapshot of progress on any live project for full transparency and efficient project management.  Momentum’s Retail Response service allows customers to log instore maintenance requests through one easy to use dashboard, which are actioned within 24 hours. Retail Response provides full visibility of all retail assets, enables users to prioritise top stores through auto approval and most importantly, provide a seamless omni-channel experience for their customers.

At the outset of a major installation project, comprehensive store surveys are used to gain an understanding of current assets and gather all the key data necessary to support a large scale scheme. The My Estate feature within the InSite app stores all data in a single hub, giving users instant access to a complete view of all their stores across the UK, allowing them to manage their entire retail inventory in detail and in real time.

Rob Gleave, managing director of Momentum Instore, said: “Technology continues to exert an enormous influence on the retail sector, affecting everything from installation, estate planning and project management to the end-user’s shopping experience.  As Millennials and Gen Zers drive new shopping styles – with 51 percent of purchases now happening online – creating an exciting in-store experience is absolutely key. Because of our years of experience, we’re helping drive the pace of change.  Our in-depth understanding of how technology helps manage comprehensive installation projects to deliver a slick and advanced retail environment will help our customers offer shoppers the most exciting in-store experience possible.

“Our recent project with US cosmetics giant NYX, for example, saw 300 state-of-the-art cosmetics counter installations across the UK and Europe.  NYX has already signed up with us for ongoing management and maintenance and a second installation phase into new target territories of Denmark, Germany and Austria, Greece and Cyprus.”

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