N2O announces sampling and product placement opportunities at Airbnb properties

N2O is delighted to announce its newly-established partnership with data-driven media channel Geezy, giving exclusive sampling and product placement opportunities in Airbnb properties.

The agreement comes at a time when an estimated 44% of Brits have decided to holiday at home this autumn*, highlighting the massive opportunities for brands to reach consumers with their beauty, food and drink, entertainment and leisure products, as well as larger products such as furniture for product placements.

Dan Jenner, Strategic Partnerships Director at N2O, said: “Having access to an extensive portfolio of Airbnb’s holiday rental properties signifies a massive opportunity for brands. There’s no better place to sample or experience a product or service than in an environment that closely mimics your home. And with the ability to be incredibly specific with targeting, we can ensure brands are getting their products in front of their ideal demographic in a way that’s really helpful to consumers.”

He continued: “We see this kind of brand opportunity as a means to really pave the way for the future of product demonstrations from brands worldwide.”

Dhruv Kohli, Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategy of Geezy, said: “We’re very excited by this exclusive partnership with N2O to offer their extensive client base a really powerful opportunity”.

 *Source: YouGov global travel profile 23 September 2021 https://business.yougov.com/content/38322-UK-travel-autumn


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