New online facial tracking experiment determine if Brits are driven by experiences or material wealth

 A pioneering online experiment has launched in the UK to help Brits understand what they value most- experiences or material wealth. The free online test devised by San Miguel uses smartphone and desktop webcams to track users’ reactions to a bespoke video which includes images ranging from private jets and yachts, to vast, beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

“The Find Your Rich Experiment” developed by premium beer San Miguel, takes participants through a minute-long video, before sharing an experience rich and material rich score, to help users define what motivates them.  

This mass experiment is free to partake and is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop computers with webcams. Even the most subtle shifts in facial reactions can be tracked and categorised into positive or negative reactions to the imagery on screen, a smile from a user as a positive reaction to the image on screen, while a frown will generate a low score. The test footage, switches between opulent scenes of material wealth, to shots of natural beauty and human intimacy. It aims to provoke users to challenge and reveal their own preconceptions of wealth.

Each users’ results are categorised into profiles such as The Bon Vivant, for those who love adventure and aren’t afraid of the truly exotic. Others include, The Humble Adventurer, to whom the whole world is an adventure waiting to happen or The Big Shot, with expensive taste.

On the launch of the experiment Dharmesh Rana, World Beer Controller at Carlsberg UK, added, “For the past three years now we have been challenging the preconceptions of wealth with our campaign and we are delighted to deliver this in such an exciting online format which will enable even more people to interact with our brand world. This online experiment is the latest work we are doing to showcase a different viewpoint of wealth. We encourage people to give the experiment a go and share it with friends to compare scores.”

Find your wealth here

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