Raptor offers Ambassador Academy Scheme to help graduates

With almost 2 million students graduating during the pandemic in the UK alone, competition for graduate employment has become more competitive for students than ever before. At Raptor London, the experiential student marketing agency based in Shoreditch, the team have launched the Raptor Ambassador Academy Scheme – aiming to provide mentorship opportunities to their network of student brand ambassadors alongside their paid campaign work. The programme, with practical workshops and personalized mentor relationships, offers the chance for students to upskill and learn – while showcasing their abilities with the chance to gain internships at Raptor HQ based on their work.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, university students have been affected not only through impacts on their learning experience – but also on their prospects for finding post education employment. The impacts of COVID-19 have seen uncertainty spread across the employment sector, with research from the Office for Students reporting that only 39% of apprenticeships are continuing as normal. Around a third of employers noted that they were likely to higher fewer apprentices than last year or none at all.

David Burgman, Managing Director of Raptor said: “With a desire to support our student community, while rewarding them for their work, the Raptor Ambassador Academy was born. Utilising our talented team at Raptor HQ, we have put together a 360 programme which educates our ambassadors on the inner-workings of agency life – while providing them practical experience in areas such as New Business, Digital Marketing and Social Media through workshop sessions and associated tasks. Following completion of the course, our ambassadors will receive an official Academy Accreditation, as well as be given direct opportunity to gain an internship at Raptor HQ.”

Emma Croydon, Fashion Communication and Promotion student at Nottingham Trent University said: “During the current climate of employment, the Raptor Academy has given me an invaluable stepping-stone to the next stage of my career. Raptor recognizes the potential of young aspiring students by giving them an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, as well as graduate job and placement opportunities, whilst being paid to do so. Taking part in the Raptor Academy programme will allow me to gain industry-level skills within the student marketing field; from both a creative and analytical angle. I hope to gain an in-depth understanding of innovative marketing strategies and campaign planning.”

A statement from Raptor concluces: “Through our programme, we aim to equip our ambassadors with the knowledge and skills to enter graduate employment as fierce and mighty Raptors, ready to become the next generation of thought leaders and trail blazers.”

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