Redwigwam waives fees for field marketing flexible workers hired this week

The UK’s biggest flexible working community is waiving its fees to help field marketing businesses hire the flexible workers they need to meet the demands of the new surge in coronavirus cases and enable business continuity and resourcing in the crucial Christmas period.

Redwigwam is allowing companies to use its AI-powered online platform to find the workers they require and they will only have to pay the workers for the jobs they hire them for.

Field marketing companies are facing the double whammy of having to support the supply challenges of their FMCG customers caused by the spike in cases alongside the usual high demand in the run-up to Christmas.

Redwigwam, a flexible working community for the UK, has over 130,000 people on its database looking for flexible work. The number has increased by over 20,000 since the start of lockdown in March and continues to grow as the Government’s furlough scheme winds down during October.

Lorna Davidson, CEO of Liverpool-based Redwigwam, said: “Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all businesses and the field marketing sector has been on the frontline.

“A second wave of Covid-19 cases combined with Peak is going to stretch the industry to its limits.

“The need for huge numbers of flexible, temporary workers is going to be high, partly to meet the increased demands of clients but also to combat the challenge of existing workers having to isolate at home.

“Having access to a pool of talented flexible workers gives companies the scope to turn on and off their hiring to meet the changing needs of the business.”

Redwigwam ran a similar initiative at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Lorna added: “We are changing work for good and a big part of this is our responsibility to support employers and workers during times of crisis.

“Our workers cover a breadth of ages and experiences and possess the full range of skills that can be utilised by a business with a short-term requirement.”

Redwigwam’s offer to waive its hiring fees will run until October 16.

Lorna Davidson was previously the founder and CEO of leading field marketing company, Tactical Solutions, before it was acquired by St Ives in 2011. She subsequently set up Redwigwam which is backed by private equity firm Maven Capital.

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