Roadshow Promotions generates a bustle of interest for Verbier Ski Resort

 Roadshow Promotions, the UK’s leading provider of promotional buses, has teamed up with Verbier Ski Resort to bring a slice of Switzerland to London.
Verbier, the renowned Swiss skiing resort, chose a double-decker promotional bus to help launch its “London’s Calling” winter campaign to entice city dwellers to experience a workcation from the resort and to the launch the winter season.
Organised by Heaven Publicity, a prominent travel PR and marketing agency, the “London’s Calling” campaign showcased Verbier Tourism as part of a stunning week-long promotional event that featured a double-decker bus as its centrepiece.
The bus’ primary objective was to raise awareness and generate interest in the ski resort among Londoners. It stopped for a day at both Shoreditch and Spitalfields, two popular locations known for their bustling atmosphere and diverse communities.
Upon its arrival at each destination, the promotional bus became an instant crowd magnet, attracting hundreds of people intrigued by the prospect of experiencing Verbier’s winter wonderland firsthand.
Visitors flocked to the bus to enquire about the resort, participate in a competition for a chance to win a stay in Verbier, or to enjoy the pre-season parties that featured Swiss raclette cheese and a selection of Swiss beers, wines, and gins at Iron Bloom in Shoreditch on the Friday and Saturday evening at the end of the tour.
Equipped with an outdoor video screen, the double-decker promotional bus provided a captivating visual display, showcasing breathtaking footage of Verbier’s snow-covered slopes, luxurious accommodation, and the gastronomy of the Alpine region.
Inside, the bus boasted a modular interior design and hospitality area, carefully curated to reflect the brand. The layout of the seats ensured comfort for the visitors while immersing them in the ambiance of the ski resort.  Roadshow Promotions also supplied a driver and organised all the logistics for the London tour.
Heaven Publicity’s Founder, Lynsey Devon emphasised the significance of the double-decker promotional bus in their overall marketing strategy, describing it as a vital component that facilitated both hospitality and awareness, allowing Londoners to learn more about Verbier’s unique offerings and enticing them to plan a visit.
In addition to the bus, the campaign included “meet the journalist” events, two public evenings, and the Verbier team working remotely and setting up temporary offices at Iron Bloom, some 806km from their normal Swiss HQ.
Natasha Greenley, Director of Roadshow Promotions said “With its innovative and engaging approach, Verbier’s “London’s Calling” campaign successfully captured the attention of Londoners and left a lasting impression. By bringing a slice of the Swiss ski resort to the heart of the city, the campaign has inspired countless individuals to embark on a memorable winter adventure in Verbier. We’re delighted to have been part of it.”
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