Samsung KX hosts omnichannel retail experiences for customers, staffed by Stellar

To celebrate the launch of Samsung Week, the brand is broadcasting 3 streams this week, each one detailing exciting new promotions. The event will be streamed live from Samsung’s retail experience and innovation hub, Samsung KX, bringing together the physical and digital for unique, omnichannel events.

The Samsung KX streams will be presented and co-hosted by knowledgeable brand experts – all recruited and managed by retail experience agency Stellar. The streams will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will offer special offers and promotions to customers.

Stellar’s team at Samsung KX, the unique brand space in King’s Cross, London are filming, producing, directing and presenting the live launches and demonstrations for Samsung Week which will be streamed live on the Samsung website, Facebook and Instagram Live and on their YouTube channel. The products set to be showcased in the first stream include the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Neo QLED 8K TV, Galaxy Smart Tag and Galaxy Buds Pro.

The decision to stream these live events comes as many industries have embraced hybrid experiences. As experts in omnichannel delivery, Stellar are able to seamlessly transition the physical Samsung KX experience to online, all while maintaining customer engagement, enabling interactivity and cementing relationships.

The immersive live streams will enable real-time connection – giving viewers a chance to have their burning questions answered and make savings with exclusive discount codes, all from the comfort of their own home.

Alongside offering exclusive promotions, the streams will include immersive video reels for each product and a detailed breakdown of their key features delivered by knowledgeable compères and presenters.

The in-house hosts are part of the team which Stellar sourced, vetted and trained, including core management personnel, product experts and service centre specialists. To accompany the product presentations, Samsung experts will be offering technical support throughout the events as well. Chris Wareham, Stellar Managing Director spoke of his excitement for the Samsung Week live streams:

“It’s fantastic to be delivering more omnichannel experiences for Samsung customers. It means that no matter where they are in the world they can interact with the brand they love and find out more about all these amazing products.”

He continued, “I’m particularly proud to have seen first hand how our Samsung KX team has naturally evolved from being physical retail experts to being just as comfortable in front of the camera. And I can’t wait to see them represent the Samsung brand throughout this week.”


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