Tech startup Trint appoints veteran Microsoft marketing director

London-based Trint, the AI transcription service, has now set its sights on the UK with a series of key appointments and business developments at a global level.

Donna Opzoomer, previously head of international marketing at AOL, joins as VP of marketing to help lead the global and local strategic business plans. Donna has 18 years’ experience at Microsoft having overseen marketing in the UK, EMEA, Asia and Canada. As well as driving growth within large global companies, Donna has worked on developing early stage companies with technology investment firm, Invoke Capital – including experience with a leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. With her extensive track record in leading and launching global business development projects, she will be a key part of the business management team with her leadership, PR and communications skills and overseeing the specialist agencies.

Donna Opzoomer, VP of marketing comments: “Having worked with some of the biggest technology giants, it’s great to be part of a technology startup that is cutting its teeth and having a real impact on the future of a business. The business has already had some fantastic growth in the US and I look forward to working with our strategic partners to accelerate this on a global level.”

Trint uses artificial intelligence and automated speech-to-text to create machine-generated transcripts of recorded audio and video. In the coming months, new features will launch to transform Trint into an end-to-end publishing platform. The company plans to roll out a mobile app and a series of enterprise solutions aimed at meeting the demand for Trint to scale within major media organisations, universities, businesses, and government agencies.

For UK PR support, Trint is working with startup specialist agency The Wern, based in London to help drive media awareness across national, business, entrepreneurial and sector specialist media. The agency will commence a project to boost both the profile of CEO and Founder Jeff Kofman and the disruptive AI tool itself.

Lucy Werner, Founder of The Wern adds: “For once we are pitching a story to journalists that can actually directly impact how they work for the better. The founding story of Jeff Kofman turning his hand from an Emmy award-winning journalist and war correspondent to a tech entrepreneur is extremely compelling and we can’t wait to get the story out there.”

Since its launch in 2016, the London startup amassed more than 12,000 regular users in its first year, including The Associated Press, Vice News, The Washington Post, CNBC, University of Chicago, University of British Columbia, ESPN, and ABC News. In the summer of 2017 Trint more than doubled its team to over 20 employees including five new developers, expanded customer support, marketing, and sales teams, and built a new product design and UX (user experience) team.

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