Tenzing samples to London commuters

Waterloo Sampling 1 copyHealthy energy drink brand Tenzing has been busy sampling to commuters at London Waterloo Station.

The campaign features a partnership with Time Out Magazine and is being  supported by out of home advertising across a nine-week period, reaching 5.1 million people.

FMBE Magazine caught up with Huib Van Bockel, Founder of Tenzing, to find out more about the activation and why sampling is so important for the brand.

Huib Van Bockel: “We partnered with Time Out as we feel their audience is our audience; young, active Londoners who are interested in trends and what’s going on in the capital. We also wanted to advertise in a media outlet that we associate with ourselves, one that spreads positive energy and encourages people to explore new activities, try new products and share positive experiences. Our aim is to leave a memory of Tenzing behind – making a memorable moment so that they are more likely to notice Tenzing the next time the see it either in-store, at their office etc”

“We wanted to build on our tube campaign by catching people’s attention before heading onto London transport, so they can be reading about Tenzing and then noticing our tube campaign, therefore increasing the chance people will become aware of Tenzing. The presence of Time Out across the city was a great way to spread the message above ground, not just under it!”

“Associating Tenzing with a moment in your day – by offering it to them in the morning – you are providing them with the thought process of it being their morning fuel, allowing them to connect Tenzing with their everyday rituals. We sampled 17,280 cans during our recent Waterloo activation with a team of just 16 people. That’s one can every three seconds. We will be doing the same sampling activity with even more cans before the end of June, when our OOH campaign comes to an end.”

“Our sampling strategy ensures people are offered Tenzing in different locations. This way people can associate drinking Tenzing with their workplace, working out in their gym, something to stock up on whilst doing their food shop, whilst buying their lunch, whilst commuting, wherever. We want to prove that Tenzing is drink for any occasion.”

“Field marketing and brand experience is so important for FMCG brands because often with products people need to physically trial it first to work out whether they would purchase themselves. By sampling, you give people this first trial opportunity without them considering the risk of losing money.”


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