ReappReapp is the app for retail! Our cutting-edge custom-built suite of tools takes you on a data journey from reactive to prescriptive analytics. Reapp does all the heavy lifting to allow retailers and brands to make incisive decisions that will keep them ahead of the field.

Our clever suite of tech covers you from all angles and is split into three product areas:

Reapp Analytics

The brain of Reapp. It harvests data from all sources, and delivers them through our bespoke software so that real decisions can be made in real time in the field to deliver real results.

Why spend hours or days analysing your product data when we can give it to you in second! Save precious time and get access to data-driven actions with the help of this handy tool.

Reapp Performance

Seeing is believing. Our mobile enabled software, with leading image recognition technology works in partnership with Reapp Analytics to provide sales and stock insights right at the shelf edge.

Ensure you have the right person, in the right place at the right time, guided by prioritised actions to ensure you can maximise your sales at the shelf edge with every call. This isn’t a dream – it’s now a reality.

Reapp Rewards

Lack of insight and data into your products performance and customers are a thing of the past in the Convenience sector thanks to our latest tech.

Gain insights into what’s been bought, where and when, alongside access to GDPR compliant first party data. This knowledge makes your retailer relationships even more rewarding and gets you closer to your customers than ever before.

Start your journey to better data lead decisions

Let our tech do the heavy lifting. Contact us today for a demo and let us show you what Reapp can do for you:

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Contact Name: James Lamplugh – Commercial Director
Telephone: 07769 362 684

Reapp, Head Office, The Distribution Centre, Victoria Road, Staffordshire, ST4 2HX

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