Simon Browning

Strategic Partnerships & Occasions Team at Krispy Kreme

Foxes fans are treated to a Leicester City Football Club Krispy Kreme doughnut. 30,000 doughnuts were given away to fans courteously of Mr. Vichai, wanted to personally thank the Leicester faithful for their unwavering support for his team.


What are the challenges of working for a brand like Krispy Kreme?

Maintaining the highest quality and freshness of product from production through to the end consumer. Logistics is a huge piece of the jigsaw and finding partners that work within short time windows whilst maintaining the quality is always of priority. We want to create the same memorable experience and enjoyment of the product whether that’s in a store or at an outside event.

What are the main marketing objectives?

To take the Krispy Kreme into new channels where our customers expect us to be. As part of this work we know we are bringing the Krispy Kreme experience to new audiences as well as our current fan base. In the past two years we have developed strategic business into various new channels such a B2B, Private, Festivals & Events, Stadia and Leisure.  We aim to align ourselves with leading brands and venues in the UK that share our passion for quality, enjoyment and creating magical memorable Krispy Kreme experiences.

How was the LCFC event conceived?

Leicester City FC were looking for ways to celebrate both their Chairman’s birthday and their extraordinary performance to date in the Premier League. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are great for sharing and are often given as gifts, so the idea was born to give each of the LCFC supporters an Original Glazed doughnut. To mark this special occasion, we worked with Leicester City FC to create 30,000 personalised single boxes, filled with individual Original Glazed  doughnuts which were distributed to all foxes ticket holders on match day. We also worked their operations and marketing teams to supply the doughnuts to all media in attendance and distribute from outside the stadium using Krispy Kreme branded trucks.

Does the brand embrace bold creative marketing ideas?

Yes and we are about to launch a new initiative, so keep an eye out for it.

How do you source partnerships such as the LCFC event?

Two years ago we set up a dedicated business unit that works alongside by remotely from the main KKUK business. This Occasions business seeks out opportunities that we feel are strategically aligned to our business objectives.  We have developed new business in several new channels such as Leisure, Stadia, Festivals, Events & Weddings and through this work we both target aligned strategic partners as well as receive incoming enquiries on how we can help make an event that little bit more enjoyable or memorable. A lot of the events we are involved in are based around putting smiles on people’s faces.


Will you be looking for more ways to make headlines with Krispy Kreme in 2016?

We are always open to new opportunities if they are right for the brand and that we feel our customers or future customers would appreciate. Some of these events and partnerships have a commercial as well as brand benefit.




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