Dee Set Group develops Reapp for actionable data and insight

A new retail technology solution, Reapp, launches this week.

The tech aims to disrupt the grocery retail market, helping both retailers and brands alike grow revenues, and has been developed by Dee Set Group, which has invested £10m of profits in the last five years, with a further £7m investment planned by 2025.

Dee Set Group is a retail solutions business, working with some of the UK’s biggest retailers and brands across merchandising, fulfillment and big data analysis. By launching Reapp, it aims to become the industry leader in data and technology.

Reapp is a world-class suite of bespoke software apps that help brands and retailers sell more. It gathers data from a wide range of sources*. AI technology then simplifies that data into decisive sales actions via an intuitive real-time dashboard.

The suite of apps include Reapp Analytics, Rewards and Performance**, and are designed to make sense of the multitude of data available to brands and retailers, including EPoS, demographics, Omnichannel & Shopper marketing.

Dee Set’s CEO Greg Phillips said: “In the competitive world of retail, knowledge is power. Truly understanding how stores and brands are performing both in-store and online can make all the difference to FMCG success.

“Ensuring stock levels are maintained and that products are at easy reach is a basic consideration for any brand or retailer aiming to retain customer loyalty and boost sales potential. Yet, with supply chain disruption and labour shortages plaguing the sector, this is more challenging to achieve than ever.

“That’s why we developed Reapp. It has the ability to distill complex data into simple, actionable insights for brands and retailers, at scale and speed. We believe it’s a game-changer for the industry.”

Dee Set complements this new tech brand with the largest field sales team in the UK, employing over 4,000 people across the entire business able to act rapidly to implement changes on behalf of clients. Such is the company’s reach that it has a retail marketing specialist based within ten miles of 97% of UK retail stores.

Greg added: “The launch of Reapp is a crucial step in bolstering our strategy to become the market leaders in people and tech. Our focus now is to take the tech brand into new categories and global markets.”

Brands such as Kellogg’s have trialled the software for 18 months and have seen their ROI ahead of target across the field force.

Charlie Foster, head of UK field sales at Kellogg’s said: “The agile, professional and ‘can-do’ attitude of the teams we work with, alongside the tech capabilities and a real desire to grow, speaks volumes.”


*Data sources:

  • Retailer EPOS

  • Crowdsourced distribution data – Ireland & UK Convenience

  • Data from colleagues in store

  • Image recognition and store images

  • Online data from websites

  • Consumer and Retailer loyalty platforms

  • Customer KPIs

  • Demographic and Census

  • Meta data sources, such as weather, key event, and travel information


**There are three elements to the tech suite –

  1. Reapp Analytics – pulls data from multiple sources, the data is cleansed and analysed using AI, computer vision and bespoke algorithms within a Microsoft Snowflake environment – turning the data into simple, actionable insights specific to each customer, category, retailer and product

  2. Reapp Performance – the actionable insights are then sent to Dee Set’s field sales team via the Reapp app – empowering them with this cutting-edge technology drives in-store performance as efficiently as possible. More data is captured while the team is in-store using image recognition software, which gets fed back into the Snowflake environment.

  3. Reapp Rewards – reps also sign retailers up to a loyalty scheme while in-store to drive compliance and loyalty, maximising ROI. This data is analysed by AI / ML and the rep is rewarded based on performance.

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