Encona set to sample with Deliveroo

Encona, which makes a range of cooking, dipping and table sauces in eight flavours covering a wide “heat” range from the mild Thai Sweet Chilli to Scotch Bonnet Sauce, has joined forces with Deliveroo to distribute 30,000 sample bottles of Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (142ml) and 30,000 bottles of Encona Original Hot Pepper Sauces (142ml) from ‘ghost kitchens’ that house Deliveroo’s ‘editions restaurants’ in 20 locations across the UK.

Encona is made by Grace Foods UK, the number one supplier of Caribbean food and drink, and the sauce has its origins in Jamaica, with the first sauce that launched back in 1975 being the West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce.

The brand has evolved over the decades to develop sauces that are inspired by foods and flavours from all over the world, including the Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, South Carolina Reaper Sauce, West Indian Exxxtra Hot Sauce, Louisiana Cajun Hot Sauce, Indian Mango Chilli Sauce, Jamaican-style Jerk Barbecue Sauce and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Sauce.

Encona has also introduced a whole new product line of marinades that will launch in Tesco this month (May).

The new marinades include Mexican Adobo, Moroccan Harissa, Korean Bulgogi and Jamaican-style Jerk and are the perfect complementary marinades to meats, fish, vegetables and plant-based protein. 

The Encona Marinades Moroccan Harissa, Korean Bulgogi and Jamaican-style Jerk will be available to buy in 375 Tesco stores from May with a retail price of £1.75 per 220ml bottle. 

Talking about the partnership with Deliveroo, Vandu Patel, Marketing Manager for Encona, says: “We are thrilled to be working with Deliveroo to distribute free sample bottles across the UK for diners to add some spice to their takeaways, or to bring some ‘heat’ to everyday meal times. We have found that food lovers who buy Encona use it on all types of food, from pies and mashed potato to pizza and pasta! 

“The bottles will also have 50p off vouchers that can be redeemed in supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK.

“Encona has also been rebranded and will relaunched this month to communicate to consumers that Encona is a quality brand, it’s authentic, it makes food more interesting, it’s innovative, it’s unique, it’s established and it’s a brand that consumers are loyal to. And most importantly, it really stands out on supermarket shelves among its competitors!”

The Deliveroo partnership starts on 9 May and will last for a week – or until stocks last. Anyone who orders from one of Deliveroo’s ‘ghost kitchens’ that house their ‘Editions restaurants’ in 20 locations across the UK will receive a free bottle with Encona Thai Sweet Chilli being included in Asian cuisine orders and Encona Hot Pepper Sauce with all other cuisines. 

There will be a banner advert on Deliveroo’s home page advertising the free sampling opportunity, inviting people to click on the link to order participating Editions restaurants.

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