Durex stages protest across London as part of Orgasms for All campaign

New research released by Durex has revealed the scale of orgasm inequality in the UK. Durex surveyed over 2,000 people across the nation to find out what makes people tick in the bedroom and the results reveal the scale of the so called ‘orgasm gap’.

The research uncovers the wide range of factors that are driving orgasm inequality. In response to the findings Durex is launching its campaign for Orgasms for All with the mission of addressing gaps in information, communication and skills to provide lovers with the confidence to bring about orgasm equality.

As part of the Orgasms for All campaign and to raise awareness of the fact that two thirds of women don’t always climax every time they have sex (400 million missing orgasms) – campaigners came together and took to the streets of London in protest.

Orgasms for All supporters carrying signs with colourful slogans including “It’s no fun if you can’t come!” led a peaceful march through prominent locations near St Paul’s and over the Millennium Bridge.

Maeve, who led the protest said: “We marched to raise awareness of the huge inequality that’s happening in bedrooms all over the country. A shocking two thirds of women don’t orgasm every time they have sex. This is inexcusable! We know that fifty percent of women crave more intense orgasmic experiences and together with Durex we’re campaigning for Orgasms for All.”

Durex Sex Expert, Alix Fox says: “The stats show that for many couples, the key to hitting the Big ‘O’ is performing a very special trick with their mouths… talking! If you’d like your lover to become more skilled at bringing you sexual pleasure, the best thing you can do is have an open, honest conversation with them about what types of touches, tools and techniques really work for you (and which ones don’t).”

People across the UK are being challenged to join the fight against orgasm inequality by visiting the Durex website and sharing their support on social media using the hashtag #OrgasmsForAll.

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