easyHotel offers guests a ‘fake view’ for £1 a night

easyhotel little

easyHotel, the super-budget international Hotel chain that offers a great night’s sleep from as little as £19.99 a night, is trialling fake window views of iconic London landmarks for guests at its Old Street Hotel.  The views enable guests to experience the majesty of some of the city’s finest landmarks without having to pay a premium for a fancy view.

For £1, customers can ‘upgrade’ to a view of Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace, a fraction of the cost paid for a decent view in some of the City’s most expensive hotels.  There is no need to book in advance for a fake view.  Simply request one on arrival at reception and easyHotel will take care of the rest.

Jorge Rodriguez, Night Night Manager of easyHotel, said: “Many London hotels charge rates as high as £10,000 for a premium view from a room.  Why shell out a fortune when you could be spending your hard-earned cash on the experience of the city itself?  Our customers’ cash stays in their wallets for an enjoyable visit rather than being literally thrown out the window.”

“The real experience of the capital is the experience on the streets, in the museums, restaurants and shops – not staring out of window.  Guests might as well spend a fraction of that £10K on a TV and experience the view at home instead.  If you really want a view, just spend an extra quid with us.”

easyHotel is rapidly expanding in the UK and internationally, offering guests the opportunity to stay a night on some of the world’s greatest cities for about the price of a decent pillow with rooms from as little as £19.99.   Manchester is the Group’s latest ‘new look’ hotel and follows recent openings in Brussels, Amsterdam Arena, Zaandam and Birmingham, which opened earlier this year. The next phase of confirmed openings include Liverpool, Lisbon, Belfast and Barcelona, in the coming months.

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