FMBE Symposium delegates decree Apple to be their favourite brand

A 100 person survey at FMBE Symposium, used to test out the Glisser question and answer technology at the event, decreed Apple to be the delegate’s favourite brand, closely followed by Innocent.

That Apple topped the poll was perhaps unsurprising at a business event where iPhones were called into action alongside other smartphones to play their part in the day’s proceedings. Using Glisser, audience questions were displayed and voted on to create a wall of preferred audience questions for the 4 panel sessions.

The poll, a bit of fun and deeply unscientific, saw Apple grab 9% of the vote whilst Innocent took 6% and was declared the audience’s favourite FMCG. Automobile manufacturer Skoda grabbed third place in a surprising result that pleased FMBE director Frank Wainwright.

“I get the brand allegiance to Apple, which is surely the one with the most unshakable loyalty” he said, noting that second place for Innocent probably reflected the brilliant field sales team as much as the brand’s pioneering status in brand experiences.

“As to Skoda, well I’m happy about that as it got my vote. I drive a Skoda which fits my practical motorist outlook. I am often grateful to my car for not breaking down and would recommend the brand to anyone who shares the comfortable ride from A-B mentality.”

The poll saw honourable mentions to:

John Lewis, Warburtons, Brewdog, Robinsons, Benefit Cosmetics, Asos, Sky, Bentley, Paddy Power, Starbucks, Google, Land Rover and Lego.

These all invest heavily in the FMBE industry!

Single votes for Bovril – from football fanatic Simon Burton at Exposure Communications, River Cottage from Tobin James at Coalition Event Services, Arc’teryx, from Stuart Bradbury, Avantgarde, Blott from Jill Hawkins at Aniseed PR and department store Liberty, from James Barnes, Avantgarde proved that ‘favourite brand’ can be quite personal question.

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