Havana Club collaborates with Found Studio for ‘Casa Havana’

Havana Club Rum has announced they will be launching a new pop up experience in Soho on the 11th August built on the foundation of Havana’s cultural pillars, food, music, colour and drink to bring Cuba’s colourful capital to life for Londoners.

A space which homes a lively bar, ticketed restaurant space and artwork all curated and inspired by Havana, the brand have also commissioned a VR experience in a secret space within ‘Casa Havana’ for those in the know, allowing a select few visitors to experience Havana life through past years and into the present day.

Havana Club appointed innovative creative agency Found Studio, who’s previous project ‘The Room’ inspired the project. True VR will be used combining real time 3D animation and storytelling using Oculus’ most up to date headset.

“We’re very excited to be working with Found Studio, a wonderfully talented and forward thinking agency” said Liam Murphy, senior brand manager at Pernod Richard, “The VR experience we are delivering within our brand home allows us to genuinely transport people to Cuba and give them a true sense of this unique and fascinating country where the Havana Club brand was born.”

Creating a fully rounded experience the Found team are incorporating sensory elements, utilising Arduino to create interactive electronic objects and immersive theatre techniques. For the fans able to enjoy the experience they’ll also be taken through a journey of taste and culture emphasising Havana Club’s Cuban heritage.

Marcus Moresby, creative director at Found Studio commented, “We’re really excited to expand the possibilities of a VR experience by blending it with the real world at Casa Havana. This hidden encounter rewards the curious with the charming tale of a unique Cuban cocktail and its inventor.”

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