Icon scoops Innovation Award at Retail Design Expo for meshh technology

Icon have picked up the inaugural Innovation Award at this year’s Retail Design Expo, announced on Thursday 10 March at Olympia.

From an initial field of 85 entries, Icon pipped 18 short-listed finalists to win the award for meshh, the hyper-local wifi technology.

Developed in partnership with Curb Media, this technology creates a local network within a 10 to 30m radius, which is off-grid and independent from 3G and 4G networks. This means the user experience is extremely fast, not affected by buffering and completely free for the end customer.

Content is completely controlled by the brand, it can range from videos, downloadable brochures and vouchers and games. In essence, meshh provides another channel for brands to connect with their customers.

Meshh’s great flexibility enables its application to range over not just retail, but exhibitions, events and festivals, sport and outdoor media.

‘Meshh enhances the overall retail customer experience by turning static advertising into interactive content, accessible via tablets and phones, with incredible data-free download speeds,’ commented Mark Savage, Icon’s chief commercial officer, who collected the award. ‘’Clients we spoke to at the Retail Design Expo believe our meshh innovation could change the retail landscape, and this is very exciting”

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