Oakley and Gorilla add eye-catching presence to Beach Race spectacle

oakley trailerEvent production company Gorilla UK took Oakley to the 38th Weston Beach Race for sand bike motor racing, where over three days the beach at Weston-super-Mare is transformed into a 6-mile course with a 2km start straight, requiring the track crew to move an impressive 200,000 tons of sand.

Oakley originally commissioned GorillaUK to design and build a marketing trailer and brand their Landrover Defender to create a central promotional hub for the eyewear brand, and have used Gorilla every season to maintain and deploy it at events all over the country. This year was the second outing for Oakley since the pandemic, and the GorillaUK team delivered the vehicles to the beachside location ready for three days of racing.

GorillaUK MD, Andy Gregorek, commented, “It is great to be back out touring with the Oakley team, the Weston Beach Race is usually one of the last events in the calendar for us, but the past 18 months mean that this year it’s one of the first!

“Always a brilliant weekend, the work didn’t finish for us once the crowds and riders went home. The trailer was de-rigged, travelled back to Gorilla Hq and had a full wash down to remove the salt water from the vehicle and trailer. The cleaning of the trailer and Landrover became an extended project, as we had to wash everything down ready for the next outing whilst part of the team headed to London to de-rig after another large event you may have seen on TV.”

The Oakley promotional trailer will be redeployed by GorillaUK at a number of events in the next 12 months, ensuring that the brand has an eyecatching presence wherever it is located.

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