FMI appointed by Jack Link’s in Ireland

FMI has been appointed as the lead agency to drive the merchandising and sales influence for American food company Link’s Snack International across key retailers in Ireland.

Jack Link’s are the largest jerky brand in America and the UK, with ambitious plans for the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.  The foundation for Jack Link’s goes back to 1880 when a young German man settled in America and brought  his family sausage recipes along with him. The traditions of the meat business were passed down through the generations, and in 1986, Jack Link’s came up with the idea of trying out the old family recipes in the production of Jerky. Nowadays, Jack Link’s is the number 1 meat snacks brand in the USA and globally.

In early 2006 Jack Link’s first launched in Europe. Some 15 years, ago dried meat was not considered a typical snack in Europe, so the progress that was achieved then, was driven in the market by the company itself. In 2014 Jack Link’s acquired the meat snacking unit of Unilever, with the brands BiFi and Pepperami, and established the LSI headquarters in Amsterdam. Today Jack Link’s EMEA division is a thriving part of the Global Business.

In its latest move to conquer Europe, Jack Link’s have overhauled their advertising to target young urbanites, who are discerning snackers, and food lovers looking for a tasty and empowering snack.

With the creative concept dubbed ‘Beef Mode’,  it aims is to encompass an attitude and culture, designed to connect with those who have a willingness to blaze their own trail and lead by being different. Building on the brand’s overarching ‘helping you power through’ ethos, the campaign will run throughout 2021/ 22  educating consumers on Jack Link’s high-quality beef meat products and protein credentials. The substantial marketing investment supports a campaign that comprises of several elements, including out of home ads, POS displays, events, online video and social media ads.

Jack Link’s is seen as authentic using only 100% lean beef that follows a traditional curing process. Snacking trends are all about convenience, and the health connotations  related to a protein snack is that it is both filling and low in carbs. With ambient meat snacks growing in popularity, over half of the category is dominated by jerky. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is ideal for consumers looking to add protein into their every-day diet. At less than 80 calories per serving and protein-rich, this store cupboard essential is the perfect snack to help you power through the afternoon at home, at work, or on the go.

The 100% lean Beef Jerky is available in an array of tasty flavours, including Original, Sweet & Hot and Teriyaki.

Jack Link’s impressive, double-digit YOY growth will represent an exciting opportunity for retailers looking to drive incremental sales amongst shoppers searching for the ultimate, portion-controlled protein snack. The solution is to drive visibility and awareness of the category and its versatility as a perfect 100% lean beef, high protein, low calorie snack on the go, at work, or at home.

Although Jack Link’s has a presence in Ireland, the objective of engaging with the team at FMI is to drive growth in the Irish market through all leading retailers. The FMI – Jack Link’s initiative is therefore well set to accomplish powerful synergy in the Irish protein-packed snack market.

FMI is a member of European Field Marketing Partnership, EFMP, an association of agencies that can proved a network service across multiple European markets.

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