Orangetheory Fitness to use AR to promote Wonder Woman race affiliation

Imagination Park Technologies Inc. the company bringing augmented reality experiences to consumers and sports fans globally, has announced that Orangetheory Fitness will don its super hero cape and bring an augmented reality experience to the people of Fargo, North Dakota.

“Orangetheory will be using Imagination Park’s augmented reality (AR) platform to engage new and existing members,” said Archit Shah, Orangetheory Area Representative, North and South Dakota and Multi Unit Franchise Owner. “We could buy thousands of dollars of print ads, like we’ve done in the past, but AR provides a more interactive and innovative way to engage our target market, and Imagination Park’s built-in artificial intelligence means that every engagement is recorded tracked and responded to.”

The campaign starts in May and runs until June 30, Orangetheory will launch the campaign to promote their affiliation with the Wonder Woman Run Series. The campaign enables members and prospects to point their mobile devices at coaches, insignias, and signage to trigger training tips, videos, ads, logos, and holograms on their devices.  A scavenger hunt with their preferred partners will enter members and potential customers into a raffle for gym memberships and prizes.

“Most business wouldn’t consider running an augmented reality campaign as they expect it to be too technical, complex and highly expensive; but that isn’t the case when using Imagination Park’s XenoHolographic augmented reality platform,” said Alen Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of Imagination Park. “Whether you are a fitness franchise owner or even a mom and pop retail store, you can create highly sophisticated and customized AR campaigns with absolutely no technical ability and for far less than you would imagine.  We believe that businesses that move quickly will reap the biggest rewards because AR in marketing will be commonplace in just a few years.”

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