Panasonic launches Natural Insight to streamline field marketing teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Natural Insight, a provider of an enterprise retail collaboration and in-store execution platform,  announced on June 3rd, that Panasonic U.K. has launched Natural Insight to streamline field marketing operations.

Panasonic will leverage the capabilities of the Natural Insight platform to enable the company’s field teams to execute in-store strategies and guarantee superior and consistent experience for in-store customers across the U.K. and Ireland.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Natural Insight to support our field teams in stores. Natural Insight will allow us to empower our field teams with all the information they need in one central place, and collect reliable in-store data in an extremely efficient way,” said Steve Oakes, head of brand development at Panasonic U.K. “With its analytic capabilities, the platform will enable us to get custom real-time dashboards and regular reports. It’s a full feedback loop that enables team members to be more proactive, and that’s why we selected Natural Insight as the collaboration tool for our field teams.”

To date, more than 45 million assignment have been executed and over 1.3 billion points of data have passed through the Natural Insight platform globally, making the company one of the largest players in the industry. The announcement serves as another milestone in Natural Insight’s continued expansion into international retail markets.

“Panasonic continues to take the lead in electronics innovations, and we are thrilled to support their in-store execution and consumer education program” said Stefan Midford, President and CEO of Natural Insight.


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