Shoclef launches new type of virtual marketplace

Shoclef Inc. has  announced the international launch of Shoclef, the mobile app that is aimed to transform and redefine the status quo approach to consumerism. Shoclef users are given access to more than 150,000 cities worldwide to sell or buy products and services, showcase their talents live, and earn money, all in real-time through livestream.

One approach to shop live is through personal shoppers. Personal shoppers are able to walk into stores and immediately give live demonstrations of the products to multiple interested buyers. For every minute a buyer is watching the livestream, the personal shopper is earning money. The buyers are able to interact while still on the live feed; they can communicate with their personal shopper via live chat messaging, request desired products, and buy products. 

Shoclef offers buyers the ability to choose a city anywhere in the world to shop live. Buyers can also browse the various types of products and services offered by sellers, and narrow down their search to the specific business, city, product, or service category they wish to seek. If buyers cannot find what they seek, they can make a request post to the newsfeed for their followers or the world to see.

Any user can switch between the different elected profiles – becoming a buyer, personal shopper, ‘player’, or seller. 

Sellers – defined as businesses and service providers – also have the capability to earn money by live-streaming, make posts to the newsfeed to promote, and interact with buyers. Businesses can market their brand on a global platform to expand their customer base. Service providers are able to choose to provide online services by live consultation to multiple clients or on a one-on-one basis, or physical services like local handyman services.

‘Players’, defined as showmen, artists and entertainers, can display their talents live to build their fan base with the choice to charge for their performance. After ‘players’ gather enough followers, they have the option to get paid by advertisement. 

By incorporating social media trends into the app’s design, Shoclef unites personal shoppers, buyers, and sellers to form a global social network. Shoclef has integrated essential social media features which allow users to follow others, submit friend requests, live chat during livestreams, full messenger features such as phone and video calls, make public or private posts, and browse current or past livestreams.

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