Swedish 5D-experiment lets participants live like millionaires

In a new experiment, Sweden’s state lottery, Lotto, has used Virtual Reality to let people check off their bucket lists and try life as a millionaire. The 5D-experiment allows participants to dive among reefs, throw themselves off cliffs and recharge at the world’s most beautiful beaches.

The experiment, built in a hangar in Stockholm, consists of five different VR experiences, supplemented with custom-built simulators and sensory effects such as wind, aromas, heat and an artificial elephant trunk. All put together it creates a five-dimensional experience.

Indir Topcagic, is one of the participants who tested the experiment, comments: “I did not know what to expect, but the wind, the snow and the movements made the experience extremely intense. My body felt like I was skiing in the Alps while my brain knew I was in a hangar in Stockholm.”

The experiment was based on a survey about what Swedes put on their bucket lists and consisted of five composite sections that were built in a giant hangar outside of Stockholm. To take the experiences and sense of reality to a new level, special simulators and effects were constructed in consultation with the “Burnt Out Punks” circus group.

Five different bucket list experiences were staged and six participants were then allowed to test them.
1. Parachute jumping. The participants hung in a harness six meters above ground. A big fan, a water spray and artificial tree peaks added to the 5D experience.
2. Travel to a paradise island. Sand, salt water and a strong heat lamp made it feel like the participants were on a paradise island.
3. Heli-skiing. The participants were tied up in a giant hamster wheel with ski boots and poles. Multiple fans, tree tops and a snow machine allowed the participants to feel like they were flying down a snowy mountain.
4. Go on a safari in Africa. To make the participants feel like they were really on the savannah, a foundation of grass and clay, thundering sandbags that simulated elephant steps, a custom-built trumpet (that imitated a elephant trumpeting) and an artificial trunk was added.
5. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Specialised underwater VR glasses, a 5,000-litre water tank, safety diver and a shark prosthetics allowed participants to think they were really wearing sharks.

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