TRO Launches TRO Retail

TRO – The Experience Agency – has  announced the launch of ‘TRO Retail’ – a 360 service focusing on creating experiences specifically in and around the retail environment.

For the past 18 months the retail sector has been identified as a growth area for TRO, and the move to create ‘TRO Retail’ as a sub-division of the business reinforces the agency’s strategy to drive experience into retail across the globe.

Michael Wyrley-Birch, COO EMEA, said: “The launch of TRO Retail is a very natural extension to our core business and provides us with an exciting opportunity to venture into an emerging experiential territory.  We know consumers are now heading into stores armed with online research.  They know prices, specifications, and all available options. The experience that they have with a brand at the final moment, or during a crucial decision making period, can make all the difference in converting them to purchase. It boils down to trust.  And what TRO Retail can create is a real, authentic brand experience when and where it matters the most.”

Driving TRO Retail forward is Retail Experience Director Ben Taylor, who returns to TRO after 4 years supporting the start-up of two retail ventures.  Taylor adds: “TRO has already seen great and measurable success creating experiences in retail from pop-up showrooms for BMW through to interactive shop windows for Telstra and in-store training devices for Nestle.  We can provide a full service offering in-house – from strategy, design, creative technology development, build and production right the way through to provision of brand ambassadors.  But it is our proven expertise in telling a brand story through experience that we believe will add true value for our clients – crucially at the point where sales can be made and real ROI can be measured.”

TRO Retail launches with immediate effect and will showcase its full service offering at the Retail Design Expo on 9 & 10 March at Olympia.


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