Urban Airship Unveils mobile wallet marketing solution

Urban Airship has announced the availability of Adaptive Pass Management for Urban Airship Reach, the company’s mobile wallet marketing solution. Adaptive Pass Management will allow marketers to create tailored mobile wallet passes for each customer and orchestrate automated, in-the-moment pass content updates and lockscreen notifications.

According to Deloitte, smartphones are the most popular device for all shopping-related activities in the UK – including browsing a brand’s website. In-store sales are also now being heavily influenced by digital technology making this a crucial time for businesses to move beyond traditional plastic and paper-based loyalty cards and vouchers, and optimise them for mobile to engage customers on their preferred device. Recognising this trend, Urban Airship’s Adaptive Pass Management aims to help retailers ease into this market change.

At the heart of Adaptive Pass Management is a technology called Adaptive Link, which allows marketers to automatically create and deliver mobile wallet passes with important personalisation details like the customer’s name, location, OS, member ID, loyalty status/points or product affinities.

By eliminating the need for marketers to work with developers to set up API integrations for pass personalisation, marketers can more quickly launch large-scale mobile wallet marketing campaigns that are personalised, which nearly 80 percent of millennials and almost three-quarters of households with higher incomes are more likely to add to their phones. In addition, Adaptive Link helps more marketers take advantage of built-in functionality like expiration reminders and proximity alerts by automatically adding the 10 nearest stores or locations to each individual customer’s pass.

With Adaptive Pass Management for Urban Airship Reach, membership-based organisations like airlines, hotels, grocery stores, insurance companies or gyms can immediately add value and convenience to passes by showing customers their progress towards bonus incentives and automatically alerting them when new levels are achieved. Others focused on voucher redemption will benefit from having nearby locations instantly added to passes with redemption events triggering additional offers based on customers’ affinities.

“Urban Airship’s mobile wallet marketing solution makes it easy for merchants to maximise the benefits of Android Pay,” said Spencer Spinnell, Director, Business Development, Google. “With simplified personalisation and engagement, brands can get closer to their customers at the right time and place.”



“For the first time, marketers can simply and easily create a personalised, persistent mobile experience on customers’ phones without an app,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Urban Airship. “Mobile wallets not only replace legacy plastic and paper loyalty cards and vouchers, they offer a highly visible communications channel and sustained engagement with your most loyal customers.”

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